AMM Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Does Your Online Ordination Cost?

Ordination is free through American Marriage Ministries. It is free of cost and free for people of all walks of life to apply, whether they are religious, non-religious, straight, gay, or prefer eating kale salads over pizza.

Our mission is to lower the barriers of entry so that all people can exercise their right to officiate wedding ceremonies. Part of lowering those barriers is by removing the financial barrier. You don't have to pay for Google Maps and you shouldn't have to pay to become an AMM minister.

That being said, we truly appreciate donations and purchases from our store. We are a brick and mortar institution after all. And just like any other institution we have overhead and costs to maintaining our Church. If you choose to donate or buy something, we are deeply grateful. Those contributions make a tangible difference in perpetuating our organization.

Beyond ordination, there are no annual fees to keep your ordination in good standing. You only have to get ordained once for free and you will reamain one of our ministers for as long as you wish to remain an AMM minister.