What are the Wedding Officiant Registration Requirements in Puerto Rico?

Officiant Registration is Required

Registration Office: Demographic Registry Office

Approximate Cost: $25

Registration Difficulty: Difficult

Processing Time: Same Day

All officiants are required to register with the Demographic Registry Office before performing marriage in Puerto Rico. The Demographic Registry Office is located in Old San Juan.

The registration process is somewhat byzantine and will require some effort from you and the couple. Below are detailed instructions on how to register as a wedding officiant with the Puerto Rico Demographic Registry Office.

How To Register with the Demographic Registry Office

You will need all of the following in order to successfully register with the Demographic Registry Office:


  1. Your Ministry Credentials (Ordination Certificate & Letter of Good Standing)
  2. Your Government Issued Photo ID (Driver's License, State ID, Military ID, Passport)
  3. A 2×2 Passport Style Photo of You
  4. A $25 IRS Stamp or Money Order
  5. The Couple - Yes, you are required to have the couple with you when registering with the Demographic Registry Office.



Follow these 4 steps to register as a wedding officiant in Puerto Rico.



Order your Puerto Rico Minister Ordination Package to receive your official Ministry Credentials. Included is your Ordination Certificate and Letter of Good Standing. Your Letter of Good Standing is signed by a church officer, dated, and notarized. Both of these documents satisfy the requirement demonstrating your status as an ordained minister to the Demographic Registry Office.

Your Minister Ordination Package also includes your AMM Minister's Manual, a valuable resource for minister registration and wedding training.



While you wait for your ministry credentials, get your passport style photos taken. You can do this at most local photocopy shops. Our recommendation is to do a Google search for "passport photos near me". We recommend purchasing at least 2 copies in case you need a backup.


The $25 IRS Stamp is a vestigial aspect of American colonial bureaucracy. Up until a few years ago it was the only way to pay your officiant registration filing fee. The $25 now allows you to also pay with a money order. We will cover both methods of payment below.


The Demographic Registry Office now allows you to pay by Money Order. To do this you simply need to get a Money Order in the amount of $25 made out to the "Puerto Rico Demographic Registry Office".


Getting your $25 IRS Stamp requires you to take a trip to the IRS office in San Juan:

Departamento de Hacienda
10 Paseo Covadonga
San Juan PR 00901

You can purchase your $25 IRS Stamp with cash or any major credit cards.

STEP 4REGISTER WITH THE Demographic Registry Office

The last two thing you need are:


  1. Your Government ID
  2. The Couple



Coordinate with the couple to meet and register with the Demographics Registry Office, located at:

Demographic Registry Office
Demographic Registrar
500 Ochoa Bld Tanca St
Old San Juan, PR 00902

We recommend that you and the couple show up when their office opens. It can take several hours for your application to be reviewed and approved. The sooner you get there, the sooner you can complete your registration.

If you have further questions about your officiant registration process we recommend that you contact the Demographic Registry Office at:

Phone: 787.767.9120 | ext: 2402, 2406, and 2415



Provided there are no complications, your application should take no more than a few hours to be approved by the Demographic Registry Office. Once your application is approved you will have the authority to officiate weddings in Puerto Rico.

An Alternative to Registration with the Demographic Registry Office

We understand that the officiant registration process in Puerto Rico can be logistically difficult for some couples. Puerto Rico is a beautiful wedding destination and we encourage couples to go there to get married. We also understand that the registration requirements may preclude Puerto Rico as a wedding destination.

There is a solution where you can have the wedding in Puerto Rico without having to jump through the legal hoops.

The couple can file for their marriage license in their state of residence. You will have to observe whatever registration requirements (if any) are required in that state. You can then complete the marriage license with the couple and required witnesses. Then you or the couple returns the marriage license to its issuance office. This satisfies all the legal aspects of the wedding.

With all the legal components of the wedding taken care of, the couple can have their destination wedding in Puerto Rico without having to deal with the local regulations.

Start Preparing for the Wedding Ceremony


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