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The Shortest Wedding Ceremony Script Ever

Stylish photo shows the torso and legs of a bride and groom running across the street in a crosswalk. The bride is wearing a white dress and white heels and holds a bouquet of flowers. The groom is holding her hand, just behind her, wearing a tan suit and sneakers. Behind them are city buildings.

Looking for the shortest wedding ceremony script possible? This short script contains only the essential requirements for a legally binding marriage: the declaration of intent and the wedding officiant's pronouncement. Get married fast with this simple ceremony outline!

This script only contains the two things absolutely required for a wedding ceremony to be legally binding: the Declaration of Intent and the wedding officiant’s Pronouncement.

We have not included a Procession, Personal Vow Exchange, Ring Exchange, or Recession in this script. Although these elements are very common in both traditional and modern wedding ceremonies, they are considered ceremonial and are not legally required for a wedding to take place. 

However, a marriage license must be present and completed by the wedding officiant, regardless of the ceremony length.  



Officiant to reception

Hello everyone!

Declaration of Intent

Officiant to Partner A 

_________, do you want to marry _________? 

Partner A


Officiant to Partner B

_________, do you want to marry _________? 

Partner B



Officiant to couple

Great! I pronounce you married! 



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