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Winter Solstice Wedding Ceremony Script With Candle Lighting

White lights brighten a snowy winter forest scene on the wedding day

This magical winter solstice wedding ceremony script includes a candle lighting unity ceremony with participation from friends and reflects on the meaning and symbolism of the solstice. Use as-is or personalize it for any nature themed December, January, or February winter wedding. Perfect for a pagan wedding, spiritual vow renewal ceremony, or outdoor elopement.

A sweet officiant script for a winter wedding on the December Solstice, or any time during the winter season. This script includes a unity candle ceremony with the option for participation from friends and family members. 



Add a Pagan blessing to this ceremony:



  • Arrange lit candles along the walls of the room or the outer edge of the ceremony space, to create a circle of light that surrounds the guests, officiant, and couple during the ceremony. For safety, or to protect the candles from wind and other elements, place them in jars or lanterns.
  • At the center of the ceremony space, where the couple will say their vows, prepare a table with three large candles, and many smaller candles (also in jars or lanterns), with at least one small candle per guest.




  • Ceremony begins.
  • Circle seating: Guests are seated inside the circle of candles, followed by the entrance of the Bridal Party. The couple may choose to enter together, or one at a time (either walking down the aisle alone or escorted by a child, friend, mentor, or parent).


  • The officiant welcomes the guests and introduces the couple, and explains the purpose of the gathering*. They’ll share the history and significance of the Solstice, while offering insight into the couple’s personal connection to the holiday.
  • *This can be changed to reflect a commitment ceremony, engagement or betrothal celebration, or vow renewal ceremony.


Officiant to the Reception

Welcome everyone, to the wedding ceremony of [PARTNER A] and [PARTNER B]. We’ve come here today to celebrate the most intimate of bonds between two people, marriage, and to light the path that they will walk together in life. You have all been invited not just as guests to this wedding, but as important witnesses to the love that [PARTNER A] and [PARTNER B] share.


  • Officiant talks about the symbolism and meaning of the Winter Solstice, gives the couple a blessing, or offers a few secular words on the importance of love and the hope for continued joy and health together. The officiant might talk about how the couple met, what their life together has been like, and what the meaning of partnership or marriage means to them. Then the officiant lights the first candle.

Officiant to the Reception

This day/Tonight marks the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, a time of reflection, renewal, and rejoicing. Tomorrow, the sun begins its steady return, it’s warmth and light growing stronger and brighter each day, as the seasons shift through winter into spring.

All of you gathered here know best that like the sun’s light, [PARTNER A] and [PARTNER B]’s love fills each day, renewed and strengthened each night by the quiet moments of reflection that life provides. Even on the darkest nights, like tonight, their light, and their love, fills the room, and is never far away.

[PARTNER A] and [PARTNER B], the Solstice holds a special place in your hearts. It is (here the officiant can talk about the special meaning of the solstice for the couple).

And so today/tonight, we wish you the fullness of life in all its seasons and moods. In times of quiet rest and times of joyful celebration, we know that you will find comfort and steady companionship in each other. In all of life’s frequent joys, during the dark of night when morning seems slow to come, and for each season, let your enduring love be a light between you, as constant as the sun.

  • The officiant lights one large candle to represent the light of the returning sun.

Officiant to the Reception
Let this light represent the sun and the light of your love, that it always be close by.


  • The officiant tells the guests that the couple have written personal vows (or poetry, or music), and then turns to each partner in turn. Each partner will share what they’ve prepared and light another large candle using the flame from the first.


"[PARTNER A] and [PARTNER B] you’ve chosen to write your own vows. It’s with these words you express your binding promises to love, honor, and cherish one another. If you are ready to make these promises to each other, here in front of your beloved friends and family, I invite you now to face each other and declare your intentions.

  • Note: Some states require a Declaration of Intent to marry.
  1. Partner A Turns and recites or reads their vows, prepared reading, or song.
  2. Then, Partner A will turn to the table of candles, and light the second large candle, using the flame of the first.


partner a to partner b

I light this candle to represent the return of the sun, the everpresent light of our love, and the joy and promise of each new season together.

  1. Partner B Turns and recites or reads their vows, prepared reading, or song.
  2. Then, they will turn to the table of candles, and light the third large candle, using the flame of the first.


partner B to partner A

I light this candle to represent the return of the sun, the everpresent light of our love, and the joy and promise of each new season.


  • The officiant lets the guests know that the couple will exchange rings as a physical symbol of their unity. They will ask each partner in turn to place a ring on the other’s hand, which they do.

Officiant to the Reception

[PARTNER A] and [PARTNER B] will exchange rings as a symbol of their love and loyalty to each other. Do you have the rings?

Officiant to Partner a

[PARTNER A] please place the ring on [PARTNER B] 's left hand and repeat after me: With this ring I join my life to yours, in times of darkness and light, bound in love.

  • Partner A places the ring and repeats the promise.

Officiant to Partner b

[PARTNER B] please place the ring on [PARTNER A] 's left hand and repeat after me: With this ring I join my life to yours, in times of darkness and light, bound in love. 

  • Partner B places the ring and repeats the promise.


  • The officiant now gives the guests an opportunity to stand and light one of the candles on the table, using the first large candle (representing the sun) as a source of fire.

Officiant to the Reception

We invite each of you to contribute to this beautiful union now! If you wish, please step up one at a time to light a candle from the center, knowing that each of these smaller lights is seen and felt, is essential, and contributes to the brightness of the whole.

Let these small blessings, one by one, remind the couple of their place within a larger community, of the support and love of the group they’ve created around themselves, and of the strength that each individual takes from the other. In marriage, you will forever have companionship to light the way along life’s path.

  • Guests stand to light candles and then return to their seats, or remain standing around the couple in a circle


Officiant to the Couple and Reception

And now [PARTNER A] and [PARTNER B] , in the glow of your community’s love, your devotion, and the promise of new seasons, I pronounce you bound in love! (Married, united, etc.) You may kiss!

  • The couple kiss


  1. The officiant announces that the ceremony is over.
  2. They invite the guests to join in any activities following the ceremony, and wish them a day of merriment as they exit.

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