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Disney Inspired Wedding Ceremony Script with Participation of Children

Two young boys, ringbearers maybe, hold hands at a wedding ceremony, along with the groom. They are all wearing wedding clothes and bowties.

This sweet Disney themed sample wedding script is uniquely written to keep young children and family at the center of your wedding ceremony. With references to Frozen, Finding Nemo, and other Disney movie favorites, including vows from The Nightmare Before Christmas, your child / children will stay entertained from the invocation to the pronouncement and first kiss! Original ceremony script written by ordained AMM Minister Michelle Rojas.

This Disney inspired wedding ceremony script is written by AMM Minister Michelle Rojas. 


This themed wedding script was uniquely designed for families and parents with young children. An engaging opening and several opportunities for family participation keep kids entertained for the entire wedding ceremony, from the opening remarks to the first kiss.


References and quotes from Disney movie favorites like Frozen, Finding Nemo, Winnie the Pooh, and The Nightmare Before Christmas will keep adult guests swooning, too. 


Most wedding ceremonies can be downright boring for kids, especially young children. Keep them entertained and involved with this Disney themed wedding script. 



Add another pinch of romance (& pixie dust) to this script: 



  • Cermony begins. GUESTS ARE SEATED. 


Officiant to the Reception 

Welcome Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses! It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight / today. Relax, pull up a chair, and be our guests! (from Beauty and the Beast)

We are gathered here today to celebrate the love and mushy feelings [directed at their children] that our dear (Partner A) and (Partner B) have for each other. 

(Partner B) often says that “some people are worth melting for!” Or is that Olaf? Either way, it's certainly true of our couple. (from Frozen) They've definitely found a love worth melting for. Theirs is a storybook love with a storybook ending, that also marks a new beginning. We're here today because a fairy tale is coming true.

Special Recognition of Children 

Officiant to the reception

In every love story, there are friends and family members that a couple holds near and dear to their hearts. This love story is no different, because in addition to loving each other, (Partner A) and (Partner B) love their amazing children... Just as much and maybe more. 

Little (Child One) and little (Child Two) are here to witness, with all of you, how their Mom and Dad make a lifelong commitment to love each other.

So before we continue with the mushy stuff, let's take a moment to recognize these amazing children, and the essential place they hold in this family and this new marriage. 

  • Modify the following sections with specific characteristics and qualities to describe the couple's children. Add language and stories that will make the children feel included on this special day.
  • If the child / children are old enough, they may stand at the front of the ceremony with their parents, holding hands, or sit close to the wedding altar. If they're very young, ask a wedding guest to stand while holding the child. 

We all know and love (Child One) for being a (smart, witty, downright hilarious) child. Always looking to (have fun, to run around, to play with everything and anyone). His/ her/ their infectious spirit lives on in the love that grows deeper between (Partner A) and (Partner B). 

(Child Two) is (calmer and more intellectual, yet extremely aware). We know and love her/ him/ them for being (the thoughful one that keeps us all on our toes). With her (beautiful curiosity and old soul), she/ he/ they makes everyone (sit and appreciate each moment).

The amazing and everlasting love that (Partner A) and (Partner B) have for these (two) precious beings is a deep bond that keeps their family whole and happy. Everyday, they continue to be partners and parents, striving to give the best possible examples of love to their children. 

You only need to read a couple pages out of this love story to realize just how meant to be our couple really is. It takes a deep understanding, respect, and a house full of laughter to take on life together.

This union truly is a dream come true, and today we celebrate them, and the children that have helped shape who they have become along the way. 

Declaration of Intent 

Officiant to the couple

(Partner A) and (Partner B), in Finding Nemo, Dory says “I look at you and I’m home." This is what you have found in each other. A home. It is that love and that partnership and a feeling of a life shared that has become your happily ever after, a fairy tale love that keeps you wanting more. 

If you're ready to continue on this path together, to continue building a home together in marriage with each other and your beautiful children, please turn toward each other and join hands. 

  • Partner A and Partner B turn and join hands.

Officiant to Partner A

Do you, (Partner A), take (Partner B), to be your forever Prince/ Princess/ Companion, your dearest friend, to cherish and support him/ her/ them, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live? 

Partner A

Yes, I do.

Officiant to Partner B

Do you, (Partner B), take (Partner A), to be your forever Prince/ Princess/ Companion, your dearest friend, to cherish and support him/ her/ them, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live? 

Partner B

Yes, I do.

Vows Exchange 

  • The couple exchanges joint wedding vows, by reciting a passage from The Nightmare Before Christmas to each other in unison following the officiant's prompting, line by line.

Officiant to Couple

You've chosen to recite a passage to each other from one of your favorite films, which you feel perfectly captures the promises you wish to make today. 

When you're ready, (Partner A) and (Partner B), please repeat after me:  

"My dearest friend, if you don't mind, 
I'd like to join you by your side, 
Where we can gaze into the stars 
And sit together, 
Now and forever,
For it is plain as anyone can see, 
We're simply meant to be."

(Jack Skellington & Sally, The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Rings Exchange 

Officiant to guests

Wonderful! Now, you've chosen to exchange love wedding bands as a lasting symbol of these promises. 

(Child One) and (Child Two), please step forward with the rings.

  • the couple's children step forward and hand them the wedding rings for the exchange. You may easily modify this section to accomodate one or multiple children. If the children are too young to participate in this way, you may choose to ask a guest to step forward instead. 
  • The couple exchanges wedding rings.

Officiant to the couple 

(Partner A) and (Partner B), your children may be young and small now, but I'm reminded of something a surprisingly wise bear once said: "Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." (A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh)

These two children most definitely take up the most room in your hearts, and (Child One) and (Child Two), this day is as much yours as it is your parents. Today is a celebration of your wonderful family.  

So please join hands, all of you! 

  • The couple and their children all hold hands, either forming a family circle, or a semi circle around the officiant facing the guests. 


Officiant to the couple

(Partner A) and (Partner B), now, all that's left to say is this: By the power vested in me by American Marriage Ministries and the State of (Name of State), I now pronounce you (man and wife/ companions for life/ married). (Child One) and (Child Two), look away, because these two are about to kiss! 

  • The couple kiss! 


Officiant to guests

Honored guests, family and friends, I present to you, (Mr and Mrs. [Name of Couple]/ the Newlyweds!  

  • End of Ceremony





Michelle Rojas is a wedding officiant and mobile notary / signing agent (NSA) based in New Jersey, where she owns and operates MD Signings.


Michelle is known not only for being a hopeless romantic, but for her incredible humor. When she's not working as an officiant, you can find her advocating for Autism Acceptance. Being a mother to her Autistic son is near and dear to her heart.




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