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Pagan Handfasting Script with Fire, Flowers and Offerings

  1. Set up: Choose a meaningful day and place to hold your ceremony. Arrange chairs or blankets for guests in a circle around the ceremonial altar, where the couple and officiant (or Pagan priest or priestess) will stand. Prepare the altar with the spiritual symbols the couple wishes to use. (Often these represent the spirit, the mind, the heart and emotions, and the body). You may also include the wedding rings (unless this is a betrothal ceremony, or if other gifts will be used instead, or if the rings will be presented by a guest), the handfasting cord, candles, incense, or flowers. If a ceremonial fire will be used for the offerings, this can be set up ahead of the ceremony. If the offerings will be burned later, stones or wood may be used to receive the offerings, and burned later.
  2. Around the circle, place flowers and seasonal branches in vases or arranged decoratively. If the couple tends a garden together, they can gather flowers, vines, or grasses there. Use flowers in the bud, and fully bloomed, and incorporate branches with many leaves and those with fewer, to represent the many stages of growth. In front of the altar, place a vase with fresh water, empty except for two flowers, one chosen by each of the partners. Flowers may be chosen based on their symbolic meanings, if desired, or not.
  3. Mark each of the four directions with a symbolic colored ribbons or group of flowers, for example yellow in the east, red in the south, blue in the west, and green in the north, to correspond with each cardinal direction's element (air, fire, water, and earth, respectively).
  4. Before or as the guests arrive, the officiant will walk the circle, grounding themselves and connecting with the purpose of the day. If they wish, they may call to each of the four directions as they walk, and may carry incense or sage. The couple will also ground and calm themselves in their chosen way, preparing for the ritual.

The Handfasting Script

"We invite the sacred spirits and elements of each of the four directions, East, South, West, and North, to join us here, to witness and bless this union on this day"

"Friends, family, beloved guests, we are here on this day in (state the season, or the significance of the day), in this place (state the significance, for example, where the couple had their first kiss, or a family home, etc.), to celebrate and bless the union of (say each of the couple's names)."

Officiant: "(Say first partner's name), why have you come here today?"

Partner One: "I've come to unite with my beloved, (say second partner's name), to be handfasted, so that we can continue to love and grow together.

Officiant: "(Say first partner's name), why have you come here today?"

Partner Two: "I've come to unite with my beloved, (say first partner's name), to be handfasted, so that we can continue to love and grow together."

"Beloved, we are here today to witness this handfasting, this union between (says partner's names). They have come today, each of their own will and hearts, before all of us and themselves, to pledge their love and devotion to one another, and to mark the start of a new day, and of a time of new growth, together.

We call upon (state the name of the spirits, gods, or goddesses the couple wishes to ask for help), to ask for their help and blessing for this union. That this love, already true and deep and full of life, be but a bud on the vine. We ask for your blessings, that these two continue to grow together, their love blooming again and again, with all the colors of the earth, each time opening fresh beneath the watchful sky, basking in the sunlight, and nurtured by the rain."

Officiant: "With the joy and love of these blessings surrounding us, in this safe and sacred place, (says name of first partner) will share something they have prepared for (says name of second partner)."

Partner One shares their words, and offers the first gift or ring.

Officiant: "(Says name of second partner), will you now share what you've prepared for (says name of first partner).

Partner Two shares their words, and offers the second gift or ring.

Officiant: As they wrap the cord:

"Handfasting is an old tradition, used for thousands of years to symbolize the joining of two, into one. As the cord is wrapped, an agreement is made, to work through difficulties together, to face each joy and pain together, to grow together through love. Love must continue to grow, must be tended and also enjoyed, offering quiet, solace, and comfort, and also joy and delight. Love faced together, united, weathers many seasons, offering new gifts with each. With this cord, a commitment to this growth is made."

"With this offering, with the blessings of the gods, and in front of your beloved friends and family, and each other, (says the names of the partners), you are handfasted, for as long as love shall last. You may kiss!"


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