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Two photos side by side, Taylor Swift in a red dress and red lipstick, Travis Kelce in a red suit jacket. A red heart has been placed over the center of the image where the photos meet.

35 DAYS AGO | 6.18.2024

What to Expect at Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Wedding…

Our predictions for a Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce wedding ceremony: Rumors are swirling about a summer wedding in Rhode Island, but is the celebrity power ...

The Legislative Hall in Dover, Delaware

42 DAYS AGO | 6.11.2024

Delaware Might Simplify Marriage Process for Parolees

Learn about proposed changes to Delaware state marriage laws which determine how people on parole or probation apply for a marriage license. A substitute Sen...

Wedding Celebrant Thalia Arenas stands next to her booth at Fresno Rainbow Pride Festival in 2023. The booth has a bright pink roof. Thalia poses in a black summer dress with a smile.

53 DAYS AGO | 5.31.2024

The First Wedding at Fresno Pride is Sponsored by AMM Minister Thalia Arenas!

Fresno Rainbow Pride Parade and Festival will host its first ever public wedding this Saturday on the Main Stage, and the historic ceremony is sponsored by A...

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Ceremony Planning Articles

Newlyweds leave the San Francisco City Hall building in their wedding outfits, joined by their children.

26 DAYS AGO | 6.27.2024

These Couples Loved Their Courthouse Wedding & Here’s Why

The benefits of a courthouse wedding, from couples who married at city hall and have (almost) no regrets. Get the scoop on photos, the dress, cost, and more!

Bride and groom newlyweds walk down a city sidewalk carrying a white wedding balloon. They are young and stylish and are wearing sunglasses.

27 DAYS AGO | 6.26.2024

Courthouse Wedding vs Sign and Go Wedding: Comparing the Benefits

Pros and Cons of a courthouse wedding vs sign and go wedding: Compare average cost, number of guests, location, wording and more for a perfect simple ceremon...

Young newlyweds pose playfully at the fair or carnival following their wedding ceremony

28 DAYS AGO | 6.25.2024

Fun Alternatives to a Courthouse Wedding (No Hassle Marriage Ceremony)

Courthouse wedding ceremonies are convenient but they don’t always feel special. Try one of these affordable wedding alternatives: Fun, easy, small, and pers...

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Religion and Rituals Articles

An Indian bride and groom sit together on the wedding day

96 DAYS AGO | 4.18.2024

6 Hindu Wedding Rituals You Might See at a Big Indian Ceremony

Learn about popular Hindu wedding traditions you might see during a Hindu Indian marriage celebration! Including the Varmala or Jaimala, Kanyadana (Giving Aw...

A priest lifts up his hands while holding a Bible, as the bride and groom lean in for kiss. A funny photo.

98 DAYS AGO | 4.16.2024

The Wedding’s First Kiss? That Was Between The Priest & The Groom…

Learn the chaste history of the wedding’s first kiss, the ‘Kiss of Peace’ blessing, given by an officiating Catholic Priest to a groom and then passed on to ...

A man in a Satan devil costume embraces a woman in a white dress.

102 DAYS AGO | 4.12.2024

Satanic Kidnapping and the Mysterious Origin of Bridesmaids

Why do bridesmaids have to wear ugly over-the-top dresses, and where did this wedding tradition originate? Learn about the mysterious history of the bridesma...

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Community Articles

Promotional image showing three wedding officiants who will be speaking during upcoming online classes.

97 DAYS AGO | 4.17.2024

Don’t Miss These Upcoming Online Officiant Courses from AMM!

Join AMM and expert wedding officiants from around the country for an exciting continuing-education course! These free online training classes are open to al...

Bride and groom laying in the grass in their beautiful wedding outfits, suit and dress, smiling at each other and holding hands. Photo taken from above, looking down.

110 DAYS AGO | 4.4.2024

Spring 2024 Most Popular Wedding Ceremony Scripts of the Season

The most popular wedding ceremony scripts of the 2024 Spring wedding season! Short, simple, funny, and slightly-spiritual, these are the trends to watch. Wit...

Young wedding officiant leads the ceremony for two brides during an alternative outdoor wedding ceremony.

118 DAYS AGO | 3.27.2024

What Wedding Planners Wish Wedding Officiants Knew…

5 ways for new and first-time wedding officiants to work best with the wedding planner, including tips on communication, collaboration and who runs the rehea...

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