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282 DAYS AGO | 4.20.2022

Everything You Need to Know About a Vow Renewal Ceremony

Everything you need to know to plan or officiate a vow renewal ceremony or second wedding. A renewal of vows doesn’t have the same requirements as a wedding ...

309 DAYS AGO | 3.24.2022

Officiants: Ask to Review a Couple’s Written Vows Before the Wedding Ceremony

Tips for new or first time wedding officiant: Ask to review a couple’s written wedding vows before the ceremony to ensure compatible length and tone. This is...

319 DAYS AGO | 3.14.2022

How to Write Funny Wedding Vows (5 Tips for Bringing Humor Into Your Ceremony)

Writing your own vows? Learn how to write funny wedding vows with these five simple tips! Perfect for couples and wedding officiants writing humorous modern ...

343 DAYS AGO | 2.18.2022

The Wrong Officiant for Your Wedding – Warning Signs of a Bad Fit

Trying to find the best wedding officiant for your ceremony? Not sure what to look for, or look out for? These 5 'red flags' are warning signs of a bad fit b...

363 DAYS AGO | 1.29.2022

3 Terms Every Officiant Should Know in the Virtual Wedding Era

3 essential phrases every wedding officiant should know while planning a ceremony as virtual weddings become more common. Learn the difference between virtua...

387 DAYS AGO | 1.5.2022

10 Things a Wedding Officiant Should Never Do on the Wedding Day

Common mistakes that every first-time officiant should avoid making on the wedding day. Steer clear of wedding fails, ceremony disasters, and misunderstandin...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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407 DAYS AGO | 12.16.2021

Scientology Weddings: From Intergalactic Spiritual Beings to Exchanging Rings

Take a look inside the Scientologist wedding ceremony, including the unique wedding vows, belief in immortal spiritual life, the ARC triangle and double ring...

410 DAYS AGO | 12.13.2021

How many times can you get married in each state?

Learn how many times you can get married in each US state, whether there's a limit to how many times you can remarry, and how state marriage laws govern biga...

499 DAYS AGO | 9.15.2021

How to Write Wedding Vows Using the Three Question Template

Learn how to write your own wedding vows using this simple three question template. Perfect for wedding officiants writing a personalized ceremony script, an...

506 DAYS AGO | 9.8.2021

The Rise of the Flower Man - A Fun Offbeat Wedding Trend

Is it time to pick a flower man for your wedding? This offbeat wedding trend is a twist on the traditional flower girl that’s gender inclusive and gives coup...

562 DAYS AGO | 7.14.2021

How to Officiate a Funeral or Memorial Service

Learn how to officiate a funeral service or memorial service for the first time, including how to plan a ceremony, write and deliver a eulogy, what to say an...

569 DAYS AGO | 7.7.2021

An Intro to Interfaith & Interspiritual Wedding Ceremonies

Learn about the similarities and differences between Interfaith and Interspiritual beliefs, and how these concepts apply to wedding ceremonies.

611 DAYS AGO | 5.26.2021

The Oathing Stone: A Modern Twist on a Traditional Scottish Unity Ceremony

How to plan & perform an Oathing Stone Ceremony, including vows and sample script for modern or traditional weddings. This versatile unity ritual from Scotla...

648 DAYS AGO | 4.19.2021

After a year of living life online, do distinctions like ‘online church’ even...

How designations like ‘online church’ and ‘online ordination’ have changed after a year of connecting with loved ones and communities online, Zoom, and Skype...

660 DAYS AGO | 4.7.2021

Weddings for the Dead -- A look at Mormon posthumous sealings and proxy baptisms

Mormon priests perform marriages and baptisms for dead ancestors to give their souls a place in the afterlife. Learn more about these rites, including proxy ...


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