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The Anonymous Officiant: “In Sickness… And In Health”

Published Monday, Apr. 10th, 2023

This couple put their wedding vows to the test... in the middle of their ceremony! 



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AMM Audio Articles · The Anonymous Officiant: “In Sickness… And In Health”




"The day of the ceremony, I arrived an hour early to meet the bride, groom, and family before the ceremony.  


When the groom and I were introduced he seemed a bit nervous, but I figured who wouldn’t be on their wedding day, right? 


Then, minutes before he walked down the aisle, I noticed he was sweating profusely. 


As I began the wedding vows, I noticed he was a complete disaster. I reminded him to take his time and breathe. 


Well the poor guy proceeded to projectile vomit uncontrollably. 


Stylized illustration of a groom vomiting during the ceremony while the bride and wedding officiant watch in surprise; a simple line drawing over a layer of blue gouache paint; Artist Jessica Levey

Illustrations: Jessica Levey


He ran off to finish his business away from the guests. 


Yes it was gross, but what was even more disgusting was that after he gathered himself and we finished the ceremony…


He and his bride shared an open mouth kiss to seal the deal.


All I could say was “wow!!!”


- Anonymous 






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