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504 DAYS AGO | 2.24.2023

Wedding Ceremony Outline & Order : Understanding the Parts of a Wedding Ceremony

Our simple wedding ceremony outline explains the parts of the wedding ceremony, in order from start to finish! This template includes the wedding officiant’s...

556 DAYS AGO | 1.3.2023

What to Know About New York's New One-Day Marriage Officiant License

Governor Kathy Hochul just signed legislation to approve a one-day-marriage officiant designation in New York State. Read about the new one-day officiant lic...

563 DAYS AGO | 12.27.2022

How to Become an Ordained Minister

Learn how to become a legally ordained minister, from free online ordination to a seminary or Master of Divinity degree (MDiv), in order to perform wedding c...

568 DAYS AGO | 12.22.2022

Calling All Wedding Content Creators: Get Ordained & Help Save the Wedding Day!

Are you a wedding content creator, or do you want to become one? Then get ordained online and be ready to officiate a wedding at a moment's notice! Why? Bein...

A groom and bride pose in a funny way in front of a green wall to celebrate their marriage day

588 DAYS AGO | 12.2.2022

5 Alternatives to a Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Choose one of these fun and affordable alternatives to a traditional wedding ceremony, including eloping, a sign and go marriage license signing ceremony, a ...

589 DAYS AGO | 12.1.2022

How to Have a ‘Friends Only’ Wedding Ceremony - No Family Invited

Not inviting family to your wedding? No problem! Here’s how to have a fun friends only wedding ceremony. Choose the right friend to serve as wedding offician...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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Two grooms hold hands during the wedding ceremony while their wedding officiant smiles, holding the wedding script

590 DAYS AGO | 11.30.2022

12 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Officiant Before Signing a Contract

Ask your wedding officiant these important questions to make sure you’ve found the best person to officiate your ceremony. Before you sign a contract, ask ab...

Close up as a bride and groom perform a unity candle ceremony during their wedding. The couple are holding small candles to light a larger candle, and holding their free hands up to block the wind so that the flame doesn't go out. They are wearing formal wedding attire, including a white gown with lace sleeves, and a blue suit.

606 DAYS AGO | 11.14.2022

FAQs About the Unity Candle Ceremony, Including When, How, Who, Where, and Why!

All your questions about the wedding unity candle ceremony, answered: When to light the candle (before or after rings and vows), who lights the unity candle,...

617 DAYS AGO | 11.3.2022

How to Become a Wedding Celebrant & Officiate a Wedding for the First Time

Follow these simple steps to get ordained online, register as a wedding celebrant, and complete our free minister training! American Marriage Ministries make...

626 DAYS AGO | 10.25.2022

Can you use a marriage license in another state?

Learn how to apply for a wedding license when you live in one state but want to get married in another: If you're planning a destination wedding ceremony in ...

633 DAYS AGO | 10.18.2022

Can Anyone Officiate a Wedding?

Learn who can officiate a wedding ceremony in your state, including where to get ordained online for free, what you need to know about minister registration ...

669 DAYS AGO | 9.12.2022

Where should you get ordained online? Try American Marriage Ministries.

Deciding where to become an ordained minister online can be a tough choice, or an easy one, depending on what you’re looking for. If you’re seeking ordinatio...

669 DAYS AGO | 9.12.2022

Wedding Smudge Stick Recipe - Sage, Sweetgrass, and Lavender

Use this simple recipe to make a sweet-smelling protective wedding smudge stick for your wedding’s smudging ceremony. This sacred combination of sage, sweetg...

674 DAYS AGO | 9.7.2022

Advice for Officiants: All About Wedding Ceremony Rehearsals

If you're a first-time wedding officiant, or a friend or relative asked to officiate, you may not be sure what to expect at a wedding ceremony rehearsal... Y...

690 DAYS AGO | 8.22.2022

Ask your Best Man to serve as backup officiant to ward off wedding day disasters

Want to avoid a wedding day disaster? Ask your best man, groomsman, or another member of the wedding party to serve as a backup wedding officiant. Ask them t...


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