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705 DAYS AGO | 8.8.2022

Stripped Down Wedding: Don’t Let Marketers Plan Your Wedding For You

The secret to a stripped down wedding: Make the wedding ceremony the most important part of your wedding day! Focus on what you value most as a couple, not p...

715 DAYS AGO | 7.29.2022

What to Pack in an Officiant’s Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Learn what to pack in a wedding officiant’s day of wedding emergency kit – from a backup wedding ceremony script, to tissues, stain remover, antacids, and ex...

733 DAYS AGO | 7.11.2022

Greek Orthodox Weddings: From Koumbaroi to Holy Crowns and the Common Cup

Learn about Greek Orthodox Weddings ritual and traditions, from the stefana wedding crown ceremony, to blessings in threes, unique prayers and psalms, Koumba...

747 DAYS AGO | 6.27.2022

Wedding Ring Alternatives: 5 Gifts to Exchange Instead of Rings at Your Cerem...

Looking for wedding ring alternatives to exchange during your wedding ceremony or elopement? Get creative with these 5 unique gift ideas – including matching...

764 DAYS AGO | 6.10.2022

What Does it Mean to be an Ordained Minister?

Learn the definition and meaning of ordination, how people get ordained with different denominations and churches, and the rights of ministers and other cler...

Two women embrace on the wedding day, laughing and smiling. On the left is the bride, in a white wedding gown. On the right is her best friend, the wedding officiant asked to officiate, wearing a light pink dress.

766 DAYS AGO | 6.8.2022

5 Great Reasons to Ask a Friend to Officiate Your Wedding

5 reasons why asking a friend or relative to officiate your wedding is the best choice you can make! Friends and family members make excellent wedding offici...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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767 DAYS AGO | 6.7.2022

Can you marry an inanimate object? How about an animal, color, AI, robot, or ...

We’ve seen the stories but… Is it legal to marry an inanimate object? What about an animal or pet, color, robot, AI, or fictional character? They say that lo...

773 DAYS AGO | 6.1.2022

What is a Nikah Ceremony? Intro to the Muslim Marriage Ceremony

Learn about the Muslim marriage ceremony tradition - the nikkah or nikah ceremony – and how this traditional religious Islamic wedding custom compares to the...

774 DAYS AGO | 5.31.2022

What to Say at the Start of an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

Wedding officiants: Use one of these 7 sample scripts to announce an unplugged wedding ceremony to guests during your housekeeping announcements and welcome ...

782 DAYS AGO | 5.23.2022

How to Get Married Without a Wedding Ceremony

Learn how to get married without a wedding ceremony, including the legal requirements in your state regarding the marriage license, and choosing an authorize...

A groom holds a bride in his arms on a beach on the wedding day. It's sunny, and in the background is a blanket, flowers, and other romantic items, with the ocean behind them and some small hills and grass. The couple stands in the sand in their wedding clothes. The bride wears a white wedding dress and holds up a bouquet of flowers, the groom is wearing a light gray suit.

787 DAYS AGO | 5.18.2022

5 Seaside Unity Ceremony Ideas for Your Beach Wedding or Vow Renewal

5 creative unity ceremony ideas for your beach wedding, including a shell or stone blessing ritual, unique tropical toast with a custom wedding cocktail, tra...

A pair of white headphones are stretched over a red heart, symbolizing listening to love, in celebration of our audio recordings of wedding ceremony scripts! Beside the image is the AMM logo, with two gold rings and three blue stars

800 DAYS AGO | 5.5.2022

Listen to Full Wedding Ceremony Scripts on AMM’s SoundCloud

Listen to a professional wedding officiant perform our most popular wedding ceremony scripts, and practice your own personal delivery style before the weddin...

Close up of a groom and a bride holding lit candles during a unity candle ceremony. The candles are decorated with greenery, a white rose, and ribbon. The groom wears a dark suit and white shirt, and the bride wears a strapless white and pink wedding gown.

806 DAYS AGO | 4.29.2022

How to Perform a Unity Candle Ceremony (for Wedding Officiants)

Want to plan or perform a unity candle ceremony for your wedding? Learn about supplies, how to set up the table, what to say and do, and considerations for a...

808 DAYS AGO | 4.27.2022

Heard the News? Introducing AMM Audio Articles!

Want wedding officiant tips and fresh wedding ideas and inspo on the go? Now introducing AMM Audio Articles. All of American Marriage Ministries’ best minist...

809 DAYS AGO | 4.26.2022

When Should You Renew Your Wedding Vows? Consider These 3 Things

Considering a vow renewal but not sure when to do it? These 3 tips will help you make the most of renewing your wedding vows, whether you choose an anniversa...


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