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What to Say & Do During a Hands Blessing Wedding Ceremony

Published Thursday, Apr. 20th, 2023

A non-religious, mindful variation on the traditional ‘Blessing of the Hands’ reading



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AMM Audio Articles · What to Say & Do During a Hands Blessing Wedding Ceremony


A hand blessing ceremony is a sweet and meaningful addition to any marriage ceremony or vow renewal. Hand blessings can be combined with other traditions (like handfasting or palm reading) to create something unexpected and new, or they can be performed on their own following an exchange of vows and rings. 


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Unlike other popular unity rituals, hand blessings don’t require any extra equipment or preparation. This makes them a great choice for outdoor wedding ceremonies, short elopement ceremonies, and low-stress ceremonies of all kinds.


The hand blessing ceremony script below is based on a traditional ‘blessing of the hands’ ceremony, combined with simple mindfulness elements to create a joyful, calming ritual.  


Wedding Officiants: This ceremony usually follows the exchange of vows and wedding rings. After the couple has exchanged their promises, ask them to turn toward each other and clasp hands. 


For handfasting ceremonies, wrap the cord or ribbon around your couple’s hands and wrists before performing the blessing.  


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Two grooms hold hands while a wedding officiant reads from a script during a sunny outdoor wedding ceremony

"Please face each other and hold hands..."



Non-Religious Hands Blessing Unity Ceremony Script 


(A mindful variation on a traditional ‘Blessing of the Hands’ reading)



Officiant to the Couple:


“(Partner A) and (Partner B), please face each other and hold hands.


Take a moment to feel the softness of each other’s skin, the curve of fingers, the warmth of palms. Take a deep breath. Give each other’s hands a little squeeze. Relax into your partner’s presence, their support and strength, and let their hands anchor you in this moment. 


These are the hands of your partner. These are the hands of a friend – patient and kind. These are the hands of a lover – passionate and strong. These are the hands that will caress and care for you in the years to come. These are the hands that will cup your chin to kiss you, wipe the tears from your eyes, and hold you close in good times and bad. These are the hands that will welcome you home at the end of a long day, clap for your successes, and lift you up when you stumble. These are the hands that will shape and build the future with you. You will find joy and comfort in these hands. 


As you walk through life as (husband and wife / partners / wives / etc.), remember to hold life lightly – never forcing, and always grateful for what’s in your grasp. Remember to reach out to each other often. Reach out again and again. 


May your hands be forever clasped in friendship, and your hearts joined forever in love.”



(The last line of this blessing is borrowed from a traditional Irish wedding blessing. For more Irish wedding traditions, head here.)





Add this Unity Ritual to a Wedding Ceremony: 



A Simple Handfasting Wedding Ceremony Script

A bride and groom hold up their hands at the handfasting wedding ceremony, their wrists and hands are tied with cord and ribbon






Mindful Wedding Ceremony Script

with Buddhist Reading & 4 Love Mantras


Close up of a gold buddha statue's clasped hands, with white flowers




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