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916 DAYS AGO | 12.9.2021

How Wedding Officiants Can Work Best with Autistic Couples

Learn how to make wedding ceremony planning an autism-friendly experience for autistic couples, ASD individuals, and their families, using these simple sugge...

922 DAYS AGO | 12.3.2021

5 Must Read Blogs for Wedding Officiants

5 of the best wedding blogs for first time wedding officiants, and experienced professionals looking to take their business to the next level.

937 DAYS AGO | 11.18.2021

How to Officiate a Prison Wedding in Washington State

Learn how to officiate a wedding for an inmate incarcerated at a Washington State correctional facility, including guidance on visitor dress codes, minister ...

938 DAYS AGO | 11.17.2021

‘American Ministries’ or ‘American Marriage Ministries’ - Which one offers on...

Learn about the differences between American Ministries and American Marriage Ministries (AMM), and about online ordination to become a minister to perform m...

943 DAYS AGO | 11.12.2021

Update to Hawaii Marriage Laws: A Civil License to Solemnize Marriage

Learn about a new civil license to solemnize marriage in Hawaii, get access to current Hawaii marriage laws, and read how ministers ordained online through A...

Newlyweds kiss outdoors in a snowy forest. It looks like it's right out of a fairy tale! The bride is wearing a white long sleeved dress with white gloves, a red cape, a white infinity scarf, and holding a bouquet of white and red roses. The groom wears a gray cardigan and a red bowtie, with a white button up shirt and dark pants.

947 DAYS AGO | 11.8.2021

5 Unity Ceremony Ideas for a Cozy Winter Wedding (with Scripts)

Unique seasonal unity ceremony ideas to bring warmth, light, and joy to your winter wedding ceremony -- from candle lighting and love letters to a cheerful w...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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951 DAYS AGO | 11.4.2021

Signing the Ketubah - All About the Jewish Wedding Contract

Learn about the ketubah signing ceremony, traditional and modern Jewish wedding contracts, how ketubah reading takes the place of wedding vows, options for m...

A whimsical image showing a groom and bride posing for a wedding day photo in the woods. Both newlyweds hold a large balloon that covers their face and leaves their identity unknown. A creative interpretation of the concept California Confidential Marriage License

953 DAYS AGO | 11.2.2021

Everything You Need to Know About California’s Confidential Marriage Licenses

A detailed look at California’s confidential marriage license, including benefits and disadvantages, public vs confidential, and what wedding officiants need...

954 DAYS AGO | 11.1.2021

How a Fake Wedding Ring Can Save the Ceremony

Attention Wedding Officiants! Avoid a common wedding disaster and save the wedding ring exchange with this simple advice: Add a backup wedding ring to your O...

959 DAYS AGO | 10.27.2021

How Wedding Officiants Can Cancel Last-Minute Without Ruining the Ceremony

Learn how to save a wedding ceremony when bad luck strikes! When a wedding officiant has to cancel at the last minute, it can feel like a wedding day disaste...

964 DAYS AGO | 10.22.2021

What’s going on with Delaware’s new Wedding Officiant Registry?

Learn about the Wedding Officiant Registry in Delaware, the state’s ordained minister registration and licensing requirements, and how to legally marry peopl...

972 DAYS AGO | 10.14.2021

Attn Wedding Officiants: 6 Business Tips for the 2022 Wedding Boom

The wedding boom is here! Learn how to expand your wedding officiant business this season, including 6 tips on ceremony packages, wedding ceremony length, sc...

A wedding officiant holds a microphone up to speak as he passes a groom a ring box with the wedding ring during an outdoor wedding ceremony on the beach. The bride stands beside them, smiling and holding a colorful bouquet of tropical flowers. The bride and groom are wearing coordinating outfits, with a white wedding dress and suit.

973 DAYS AGO | 10.13.2021

How to get a license to marry people - Officiating a wedding by the book

Learn how to get a license to marry people, which states require minister registration, how to become an ordained minister, and other requirements to officia...

A laughing bride in a white dress and leather jacket poses with the groom, also in a leather jacket and wearing a light blue button up shirt. There is a large wedding bouquet beside them, with pink and orange flowers. They look young and alternative, hip modern couple.

974 DAYS AGO | 10.12.2021

Feminist Wedding Vows: Creative Examples to Help You Write Your Own

Examples of feminist wedding vows to use in your wedding ceremony, plus a simple template to follow as you write your own vows using personal stories and mem...

978 DAYS AGO | 10.8.2021

How to Add Housekeeping Announcements to a Wedding Ceremony (with Examples an...

Learn how to add housekeeping announcements to a wedding ceremony, including sample scripts and examples of popular choices to share with your wedding offici...


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