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616 DAYS AGO | 7.13.2021

Why every small business owner should get ordained NOW

As demand increases for available wedding venues and marriage officiants, and couples get more creative about where and by whom they want to be married, we e...

617 DAYS AGO | 7.12.2021

Alabama Wedding Officiants are Still a Vital Part of the Marriage Process

Wedding Officiants still serve an important role in Alabama despite changes to the state’s solemnization and marriage laws. Learn how ordained ministers cont...

624 DAYS AGO | 7.5.2021

Test Your Wedding Officiant Knowledge with AMM’s Online Quiz

Take this short quiz to test your knowledge of the wedding ceremony and the role of an ordained minister on the wedding day. Then brush up on your officiant ...

628 DAYS AGO | 7.1.2021

Personalized Wedding Invocation & Opening Words - Examples for First Time Off...

Writing a custom wedding ceremony script? Learn about the wedding welcome, also called the invocation, introduction, or opening words, along with examples fo...

630 DAYS AGO | 6.29.2021

Tips on Gender & Pronouns for Inclusive Wedding Officiants

Tips for wedding officiants on creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment for LGBTQIA+ couples, with suggestions on pronoun use, gender neutral lang...

631 DAYS AGO | 6.28.2021

How long is a wedding ceremony? What to Include and What to Skip

Asked to perform or plan a wedding? Learn how long a wedding ceremony lasts, and which parts of the ceremony to include or cut to keep it from running too lo...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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635 DAYS AGO | 6.24.2021

Classic Wedding Vows (That Will Make Everyone at Your Ceremony Happy Cry)

Sometimes classic vows just feel right! Use these traditional wedding vow examples while planning your ceremony, or modify them to fit any religious, spiritu...

636 DAYS AGO | 6.23.2021

Sequel Wedding Ceremony Script: What to Say During a Couple’s Second Ceremony

Sequel weddings are trending! Use this sample script to officiate a couple’s second ceremony as COVID-19 restrictions lift and venues return to full capacity...

644 DAYS AGO | 6.15.2021

What is an SBNR Wedding Officiant & How Do You Become One?

An increasing number of couples want a ‘spiritual but not religious’ or non religious wedding ceremony. Learn what it takes to become an SBNR wedding officiant.

692 DAYS AGO | 4.28.2021

Can you legally perform a wedding ceremony for your friends and family? Yes!

Curious who can legally marry a couple in your state, and if you’re on that list? Wondering how to become a wedding officiant or ordained minister to marry p...

724 DAYS AGO | 3.27.2021

Meditation for Ministers: AMM’s Favorite Pink Noise Playlists on Spotify

Ministers and wedding officiants are BUSY this season! Luckily, meditation helps us stay productive, positive, and avoid burnout! Pink noise is great for low...

725 DAYS AGO | 3.26.2021

How to Officiate a Wedding For the First Time

Learn how to perform a wedding for the first time, from getting ordained online to signing the marriage license! A step-by-step guide for new officiants, min...

740 DAYS AGO | 3.11.2021

New Script Alert! A Simple Handfasting Ceremony

New wedding script! Give your short, simple ceremony a boost of beauty and symbolism by adding a handfasting to your elopement, microwedding, minimony, or ot...

743 DAYS AGO | 3.8.2021

Offbeat Wedding Welcome & Opening Remarks: Examples for a Non-traditional Cer...

Opening remarks set the tone of a wedding! Try these examples for a non-traditional, offbeat wedding ceremony, with a creative officiant wedding welcome.

746 DAYS AGO | 3.5.2021

Wedding Officiants: Let's Talk Business Cards

Let's talk business (cards)! What wedding officiants should include on a card, how to design one, and how to keep things spiritually centered.


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