Published: Monday, Nov. 15th, 2021

Alabama Wedding Officiants are Still a Vital Part of the Marriage Process

Are AMM Ministers still valued in Alabama? Yes! 


Keep reading to learn about the important roles wedding officiants play in the state’s new marriage process, and why your ordination still matters.



Since 2019, marriages no longer need to be solemnized in Alabama. This means that couples there don’t have to hold a wedding ceremony, or find a qualified wedding officiant to perform the rite and sign the marriage license in order to get married. 


The state’s new marriage process only requires couples to complete an Alabama Marriage Certificate, get it notarized by an authorized notary public, and submit it to the probate court.

No wedding necessary! 


These changes have led to significant confusion for wedding officiants in the state, including AMM Ministers. 

Many ministers wonder whether or not their skills and ordination are still valuable in Alabama, and if they still have a part to play in celebrating marriage.


The short answer is -- YES! Absolutely.


Here’s a quick look at how officiants continue to help Alabamians celebrate their love in authentic ways, and why it’s still a good idea to be ordained through AMM. 



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Many couples still choose ceremonies


It’s no longer necessary to hold a wedding ceremony in Alabama, but many couples still choose to have one. And when a couple decides they want a ceremony, not just a contract, they need a knowledgeable wedding officiant to help make it happen. 


Couples choose wedding ceremonies to participate in the traditions of a specific religion or faith, to celebrate their cultural heritage or ancestral home, or to kick off the start of a new chapter in life, surrounded by those they love the most. 


Ceremonies also celebrate the blending of two families, create shared and lasting memories, demonstrate a couple’s commitment and devotion to one another, and make the spiritual bonds of marriage feel more tangible.


Wedding officiants no longer play a legal role in Alabama marriages, but they’ll always play a valuable ceremonial role. 



A wedding officiant sits next to a young flower girl at an outdoor wedding, chatting with her. The officiant is smiling and wears a light blue dress with cap sleeves, and holds her reading glasses in her lap. The flower girl is around 7 or 8 years old, and is wearing wreath with flowers over her long hair.

Wedding officiants make every guest (and flower girl) feel special.

This is just one of their many superpowers! 



Officiants have a special set of skills


Wedding officiants are great at thinking on their feet, keeping lots of little details straight, and charming a crowd. They’re powerful advocates of love, and they go out of their way to make sure a couple’s celebration is as perfect as it can be. 


Notaries make a contract legal, but wedding officiants make marriage an event to remember. (No shade to notaries, we love what you do. And a shout out to our multi talented ministers who do both!) 


To help ministers on this most awesome mission, AMM provides free access to dozens of online training resources and hundreds of articles. These materials contain all the info you need to hone your skills and deliver a meaningful and memorable ceremony, from writing the script, to choosing the perfect unity ceremony or special reading, to calming an anxious bride or groom. 



Inclusive ordination sends a message


You don’t have to be ordained to perform a marriage ceremony in Alabama, but your ordination can send a clear and loving message to the couples who reach out to you. 


Ordination with American Marriage Ministries shows couples that you see your role in their wedding celebration as an honor. AMM is a non denominational, interfaith, inclusive church founded on the belief that marriage is a sacred right, and our ministers carry this energy out into their communities.


Your free AMM ordination sends a message of love and inclusivity, letting every couple you meet know that you believe that all people, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation, have the right to marry. 


To compare AMM with other popular churches that offer online ordination, head here




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