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527 DAYS AGO | 1.12.2023

What to Include in a Wedding Officiant Contract, According to the Pros

Learn how to write a wedding officiant contract & terms of service document for your business, with this advice from professional officiants. We cover the ba...

534 DAYS AGO | 1.5.2023

AMM’s Most Popular Articles of 2022: Current Wedding Trends and Classic Content

A look at the most popular wedding articles published on the AMM American Weddings blog this year! From current wedding trends, to creative and simple ways t...

543 DAYS AGO | 12.27.2022

How to Become an Ordained Minister

Learn how to become a legally ordained minister, from free online ordination to a seminary or Master of Divinity degree (MDiv), in order to perform wedding c...

562 DAYS AGO | 12.8.2022

Finally! A Wedding Officiant Training Course That’s Fully Online

Looking for comprehensive wedding officiant training online? AMM’s new Professional Wedding Officiant Certification Course is self-directed, making it easy f...

574 DAYS AGO | 11.26.2022

What to Wear to Officiate a Winter Wedding

Asked to officiate a winter wedding? Learn what clothes to wear as a wedding officiant during a winter wedding ceremony, depending on the couple and the type...

589 DAYS AGO | 11.11.2022

Which AMM Minister Ordination Package or Training Course is Best for You?

The best American Marriage Ministries Minister Ordination Package or Course for your needs: Compare what comes in each one for the price: A review of everyth...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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597 DAYS AGO | 11.3.2022

How to Become a Wedding Celebrant & Officiate a Wedding for the First Time

Follow these simple steps to get ordained online, register as a wedding celebrant, and complete our free minister training! American Marriage Ministries make...

606 DAYS AGO | 10.25.2022

Can you use a marriage license in another state?

Learn how to apply for a wedding license when you live in one state but want to get married in another: If you're planning a destination wedding ceremony in ...

612 DAYS AGO | 10.19.2022

10 Alternatives to “You May Now Kiss the Bride!”

Looking for creative wording for the end of your wedding officiant script? Try these 10 non-traditional alternatives to "you may now kiss the bride," to end ...

613 DAYS AGO | 10.18.2022

Can Anyone Officiate a Wedding?

Learn who can officiate a wedding ceremony in your state, including where to get ordained online for free, what you need to know about minister registration ...

A bride in a white lace wedding gown holds a beautifully decorated unity candle during a candle lighting ceremony. The groom stands beside her, in a blue suit and red bowtie.

625 DAYS AGO | 10.6.2022

Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Unity Ceremonies

Learn about popular unity ceremony ideas for your wedding ceremony, as well as when a unity ceremony usually takes place during the ceremony, what these trad...

A bride holding a large bouquet of flowers holds hands with her new husband in front of the wedding arch and wedding officiant in the moments following their marriage ceremony. The newlyweds are smiling at each other. They are outdoors, in front of a large leafy green hedge on a sunny day.

626 DAYS AGO | 10.5.2022

The secret to a perfect wedding officiant speech (with examples)

Find the perfect wording for your wedding officiant speech or wedding ceremony script by thinking of a wedding ceremony as a theater play, with you and your ...

628 DAYS AGO | 10.3.2022

Need a simple wedding officiant script? We’ve got dozens to choose from!

Choose the perfect wedding officiant script from dozens of free, simple, sweet, fun, and nontraditional offerings in the AMM Wedding Ceremony Scripts Library...

649 DAYS AGO | 9.12.2022

Where should you get ordained online? Try American Marriage Ministries.

Deciding where to become an ordained minister online can be a tough choice, or an easy one, depending on what you’re looking for. If you’re seeking ordinatio...

654 DAYS AGO | 9.7.2022

Advice for Officiants: All About Wedding Ceremony Rehearsals

If you're a first-time wedding officiant, or a friend or relative asked to officiate, you may not be sure what to expect at a wedding ceremony rehearsal... Y...


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