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736 DAYS AGO | 2.24.2022

Must-Watch Video For Anyone Planning a Sequel Wedding Ceremony

A short video on how to officiate and plan a sequel wedding or a wedding ceremony in two parts, with tips for wedding officiants and newlyweds on what to say...

746 DAYS AGO | 2.14.2022

12 Creative Pronouncement Ideas for Your Wedding Ceremony

Want to write a creative wedding pronouncement, but aren’t sure what wording to use? Let these 10 alternatives inspire you, from funny to formal examples, ge...

751 DAYS AGO | 2.9.2022

Is the American Marriage Ministries Minister Ordination Package Worth the Pri...

What comes in the AMM Minister Ordination Package? A review of everything included in your ordination package, including your letter of good standing and ord...

753 DAYS AGO | 2.7.2022

5 Questions a Great Wedding Officiant Will Always Ask

If you’re trying to find the best wedding officiant for your ceremony, or want to become a professional officiant yourself, take note: Here are 5 questions e...

762 DAYS AGO | 1.29.2022

3 Terms Every Officiant Should Know in the Virtual Wedding Era

3 essential phrases every wedding officiant should know while planning a ceremony as virtual weddings become more common. Learn the difference between virtua...

764 DAYS AGO | 1.27.2022

Celebrity Inspiration for Your Second Wedding Ceremony & Vow Renewal

Plan and officiate a stunning sequel wedding, second wedding ceremony, or vow renewal with inspiration from 5 celebrity couples and pro tips for officiants. ...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

More First Time Officiants Articles

767 DAYS AGO | 1.24.2022

When is it Ok to Wear Black to a Wedding?

Can you wear black to a wedding? The answer is – Maybe. Learn when it’s appropriate to wear black to a wedding ceremony and when you should avoid it, includi...

773 DAYS AGO | 1.18.2022

How to Start a Website for Your Wedding Officiant Business

Learn how to start a website for your wedding officiant business or update your existing site, with helpful tips for what to include and a review of the eas...

777 DAYS AGO | 1.14.2022

The Shortest Wedding Ceremony Script Possible

Looking for a short wedding script? How about the shortest wedding ceremony script ever? This simple script is only 200 characters, making it short enough to...

786 DAYS AGO | 1.5.2022

10 Things a Wedding Officiant Should Never Do on the Wedding Day

Common mistakes that every first-time officiant should avoid making on the wedding day. Steer clear of wedding fails, ceremony disasters, and misunderstandin...

794 DAYS AGO | 12.28.2021

New script! A Romantic Wedding Ceremony with Written Vows

A simple, romantic wedding ceremony script for couples who felt a spark from the start and are ready to build a lifetime of love together. With a heartfelt i...

795 DAYS AGO | 12.27.2021

Wolf Cuts to Sweater Vests - What’s New in Wedding Fashion for 2022?

Five of the best wedding fashion trends to look forward to in 2022 – from the wolf cut to the sweater vest to stacked rings – as the wedding boom continues.

800 DAYS AGO | 12.22.2021

How Much Should You Pay a Friend to Officiate Your Wedding?

This quick guide takes the guesswork out of deciding when and how much to pay a friend or family member to officiate your wedding ceremony, with examples of ...

805 DAYS AGO | 12.17.2021

How to Deal With Not Being Asked to Officiate a Wedding

Not being asked to officiate a wedding for a friend or family member can suck, especially if you expected to be first in line to perform their ceremony. Here...

813 DAYS AGO | 12.9.2021

How Wedding Officiants Can Work Best with Autistic Couples

Learn how to make wedding ceremony planning an autism-friendly experience for autistic couples, ASD individuals, and their families, using these simple sugge...


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