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Is the American Marriage Ministries Minister Ordination Package Worth the Price?

Published Wednesday, Feb. 9th, 2022

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The American Marriage Ministries (AMM) minister ordination packaging, a white box with the AMM logo and name against a blue background

What comes in an American Marriage Ministries Minister Ordination Package? Is it legit, and is it worth the price?


(The answers to these are 'Everything you need to get started,' Yes, and YES! )



When you’re deciding which online church to get ordained with, you have to consider a couple different factors. 


One, is the church’s ordination legally recognized? 


And two, can they give you everything you’ll need for a good price? 


To help you make an educated choice, here’s a quick review of American Marriage Ministries’ credentials as an online church, and what’s offered in our ordination packages.



One: Is American Marriage Ministries legit?


Yes! American Marriage Ministries is a federally certified 501(c)3 nonprofit church. AMM’s ordinations are recognized in every US state and territory except Virginia, authorizing AMM Ministers to perform marriage there (and other ceremonies such as baptisms, funerals, and baby blessings, too).


Ordination with AMM is free, and only takes a few minutes. 



To get ordained now, head to our online application.


To learn about becoming an ordained minister in Virginia head here.




Two: What comes in the American Marriage Ministries ordination package? Is it worth the price? 

Now, let’s look at why you might choose to purchase an ordination package and what it includes. 


Although ordination with AMM is free, some state governments require new ministers to submit additional paperwork proving that they’ve been ordained by a recognized church before they can perform a wedding.


This paperwork is called your ‘ministry credentials,’ and includes a Letter of Good Standing and your Ordination Certificate.


Side by side images of the American Marriage Ministries Ordination Certificate and a mock up version of the Letter of Good Standing

Minister Credentials: AMM's Ordination Certificate and Letter of Good Standing



Ordering the correct paperwork can be confusing and will cost a small fee – which is why the AMM Minister Ordination packages are so popular. They make the entire process easy and affordable.


(In states that don’t require registration, you may still wish to order your ministry credentials to have on hand should they be needed, or to display in your home or office, but it’s not required.)



Minister credentials: This is where the AMM Minister Ordination Packages come in! 


AMM offers 2 different ordination packages, at 2 different prices: 
The standard Minister Ordination Package – $48
The Signature Wedding Officiant Package – $98 


Both packages come with everything you’ll need to register as a minister in your state, including your ministry credentials: a Letter of Good Standing and your Ordination Certificate.


In addition to your minister credentials, the Signature package includes professional wedding officiant items you can use while performing a wedding ceremony.     


Standard Minister Ordination Package ($48) :

• A "Getting Started" information kit
• 1 copy of our AMM Minister’s Manual
• 1 Ordination Certificate
• 1 Letter of Good Standing
• 1 Certificate Holder
• Minister Licensing Instructions (where applicable)
• Minister Licensing Application Materials (where applicable)
• Government Registration Guarantee

That’s everything you’ll need to show proof of your ordination and get certified in your state to marry people, as well as our money-back guarantee that ordination credentials will be recognized and accepted by your state, or we’ll refund you the cost of those credentials.

This product photo shows everything that comes in the standard ordination package, spread out against a white background, including the 'Getting started' info kit, the Minister's Manual, an ordination certificate, letter of good standing, certificate holder, licensing instructions (if needed), and the government registration guarantee.

Visit our store

Signature Wedding Officiant Package ($98) : 
Everything above PLUS

• 1 Embroidered AMM Satin Wedding Officiant Stole
• 1 Copy of Asked to Officiate, Ceremony Writing and Delivery Guide
• 1 Screen Printed Canvas AMM Minister’s Tote Bag
• 1 Gold Embossed Presidential™ Custom Pen
• 1 Lapel pin struck from jeweler's metal, with hard enamel colors and nickel finish

That’s everything you’ll need to show proof of your ordination and get certified in your state to marry people, our money-back guarantee, plus professional wedding officiant materials you can use to perform a real wedding ceremony.

A product photo of the Signature wedding officiant package box open and all of the materials laid out on a white background    

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As you shop around for the right ordination and credentials from an organization that aligns with your values, you’ll see that AMM’s ordination packages are a great price for the authority and credibility they provide.


Our ordinations are backed up by our status as a federally recognized nonprofit church and a money-back Government Registration Guarantee. And our ordinations are recognized in every US state and territory except Virginia, including Puerto Rico, Guam, and American Samoa.


An image displaying the Government Registration Guarantee



These credentials protect your constitutional right as an AMM Minister to solemnize marriage and perform other ceremonies, such as baptisms, memorials, and blessings, in your community. 



Well worth the cost! 



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Jessica Levey
Jessica Levey

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