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Wolf Cuts to Sweater Vests - What’s New in Wedding Fashion for 2022?

Published Monday, Dec. 27th, 2021

What fun walk-down-the-aisle fashion will this year's wedding boom bring?

Not much is easy to predict about 2022’s wedding season. With the pandemic still in full gear (thanks a lot, Omicron) and couples with spring weddings already on the books keeping a nervous eye on venue and travel updates, next year feels more uncertain than most of us want to admit. 


But one thing is for sure: It’s going to be a big year for weddings. Even if the weddings themselves are micro! 



Here are 5 wedding fashion trends we expect to see a lot more of next year, whether we’re joining friends for a sweet outdoor minimony, tuning into to a hybrid event over Zoom, or catching up at a livestreamed afterparty. 


Wedding officiants take note: You want to look just as good as your couples do! 





1. Wolf Cut Tresses 



Two photos: Billie Eilish with a blonde wolf cut, and Keke Palmer with a brunette wolf haircut

Billie Eilish and Keke Palmer (@Keke) in wolf cuts


The wolf haircut has definitely taken the world (or at least our corner of it) by storm, popularized by stylish icons Billie Eilish and Keke Palmer.


This modern twist on a soft shag has a lot to love. Heavy fringe frames the faces and accentuates the jaw line, and added layers lend texture and movement, making this style easy to dress up for a formal wedding ceremony or shake loose at the reception. 



2. Devotion in Denim



A young couple embrace outdoors on the wedding day, the bride in a hat and denim jacket holding a bouquet, the groom in a leather jacket and jeans

Outdoor weddings give couples a chance to get comfortable 


With more weddings taking place in comfortable outdoor settings and family homes, it makes sense that we’re seeing more denim than ever in wedding photos. Even officiants can join in this trend, but be careful – not just any denim will do. 


Make sure your ceremony attire fits well, is easy to move around in, and matches the overall tone of the day. Grab some dark denim, your best pair of straight leg jeans, or that fitted denim corset, just make sure the couple doesn’t mind casual wear first. 




3. Stacking Rings



Close up on a young bride's hands, held up in front of her chest. She's wearing a white wedding dress, and her hands are adorned in several rings

Style your rings with photos and the wedding ring exchange in mind.


When it comes to wedding day jewelry, most of the attention is paid to the wedding rings, right? Exchanging rings is a big part of many couples’ ceremonies, and the wedding ring tradition has been around forever – since ancient Egypt! But stacking rings is more popular than ever, and with more showing up in wedding photos and videos – couples are learning how to style rings on the wedding day. 


We recommend limiting stacked rings to your right hand during the ceremony, with only one or two rings on your left hand – making sure to leave your ring finger ready for the wedding band.



4. Sweater Vests


Harry Styles and Phoebe Waller-Bridge in incredible sweater vests at a new year's eve bash

Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Harry Styles show us the right way to rock a sweater vest 

(via @harrystyles)


It’s so satisfying when a solid retro look returns! The humble sweater vest has had moments in the sun a few times before, and it looks like this perennial favorite is back for Spring. As weddings head outdoors next year, simple layers like these give couples, guests, and officiants of all genders an alternative to traditional suit jackets and blazers. 


With wedding colors trending bolder and brighter, we expect to see a few daring combinations in the months to come. 



5. Ruffles 


Two wedding dresses with ruffles, including one with pastels from MatchingLook on Etsy, and a white dress from Anthropologie

This pastel dream from MatchingLook,

and a heavenly white gown from Anthropologie


The best way to balance out a small wedding guest list? Go big with other details! Wedding dresses are getting bigger, bolder, and more ornate this year according to The Knot, and we can see what all the fuss is about. Ruffles offer an indulgent, decadent moment after a year with too few chances to get dressed up. After months of postponed wedding plans, these dresses make the wait feel worth it. 


Of course ruffles won’t be the only embellishments headed down the aisle – everything about 2022 dresses and suits will be bold. More soon-to-be-weds are choosing florals, asymmetrical hemlines, vivid colors, and daring red wedding dresses and suits this year than last. 



And the most fashionable thing in weddings this year? 


Friend officiants!


two women smile together, best friends

Your friend has been by your side every step of the way --

Why not the wedding day, too? 



Asking a friend or family member to officiate your ceremony gives you the chance to create a unique and intimate wedding experience with a specific tone or vibe that a professional wedding officiant just can’t provide. 


Friend officiants share your values, your memories and experiences, and your sense of humor. They get you, in ways no one else can, and they bring that irreplaceable energy and love into the wedding ceremony. Nothing looks better than that. 


How to Ask Someone to Officiate Your Wedding -

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And learn how to marry a friend or family member.



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