Published: Monday, Dec. 20th, 2021

The Queen of Pink will marry the color pink in Las Vegas on New Year’s Day

Cover image: Kitten Kay Sera poses in her pink kitchen, via Insider magazine

Congratulations Kitten Kay, but… Can you marry a color? 



A woman known as ‘The Queen of Pink’ is planning to take her relationship with the color to the next level. 


Kitten Kay Sera, aka ‘the Pinkest Person in the World’ is planning an elaborate ‘wedding’ with the color pink in Las Vegas on New Year’s Day. 


The wedding is scheduled for noon on January 1st at The Little White Wedding Chapel, one of the most well-known chapels in Vegas.


Marrying a color might seem a bit unusual at first (because it is), but less so when you know how long these two have been together.


Sera has dressed entirely in shades of pink since 1980, and decorates every corner of her apartment – dubbed The Pink Palace – in the color. Her entire world, from wall to ceiling, including every piece of furniture down to the smallest quirky knickknack, is the same bright rosy shade. Even Kitten Kay’s companion, a small dog by the name of Miss Kisses, is pink!





‘The Pink Lady of Hollywood,’ as some call her, has over 200k followers on Instagram and has been featured in Insider, the Today show, Netflix’s Amazing Interiors, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, a Pepto Bismol ad, and made the cover of Vogue Magazine this year back in May. 

Her upcoming wedding is already making headlines.


Read more about the upcoming wedding in Mat Luschek’s article for KSNV News 3, Las Vegas


See more about Kitten Kay Sera here.




This is colorful news but…

Can you really marry a color?

Or any inanimate object, for that matter? 


Nope. Sorry. We don’t want to kill the mood, but it doesn't sound like Sera means for this to be mistaken as a legal bond, anyway, just a fun rose-colored commitment ceremony.  


Marriage is a legal contract between two consenting humans. (How old fashioned!) Marriages require a marriage license – a legal document that must be signed by the two parties to the marriage (along with the signature of their wedding officiant and any necessary witnesses) before it’s filed with your county or parish.  


Many people choose to hold a commitment ceremony in lieu of a legal wedding ceremony. Commitment ceremonies often come with all the trimmings and fanfare of a wedding – with guests, formal wear, gifts, and even a wedding cake and reception or afterparty – but leave out the paperwork. People choose commitment ceremonies instead of weddings for a variety of reasons. 


During a commitment ceremony, the couple (or in this case, The Queen and her Color) make a public commitment to each other, and can live just as they would if they were married. But they won’t have access to many of the benefits that come with legal marriage. 


Perhaps not at all surprisingly, people have married inanimate objects many times over the years. Erika Eiffel married the Eiffel Tower back in 2007, Carol Santa Fe married the Sante Fe Train Station in 2015, and a Japanese man married an Artificial Intelligence (AI) named Miku in 2020. And the list goes on!


Think what you will. 


Here at AMM, the closest we’ll get to having something inanimate involved in a wedding ceremony is maybe letting an AI help write some wedding scripts… The AI GPT-3 writes entire articles online, after all, so it’s not that far-fetched. 


But that’s still a big maybe. We’ll see what it comes up with first. 



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