An Introduction to the Marriage License

This page aggregates basic questions many people ask about the marriage license. Click on the questions below to learn essential information about marriage licenses.

What is a Marriage License?

Find out what exactly a marriage license is, and learn the history of the US marriage license.

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What is the Difference Between a Marriage License and Marriage Certificate?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the difference between a marriage license and marriage certificates. Learn what makes them different.

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Who Files For The Marriage License?

The marriage license is the legal document of marriage. Learn who is responsible for filing for the marriage license.

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Where Does The Couple File For a Marriage License?

Marriage licenses are issued by government offices. Find out what office issues marriage licenses in your State.

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How Much Does a Marriage License Cost?

The marriage license cost varies across the country. Find out approximately how much a marriage license costs in your state.

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Who Returns The Marriage License?

The marriage license must be returned to the government office that issued it. This document can be returned in person, or by mail, however it is important to know who is responsible for this. Find out who is responsible for returning the marriage license.

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When Should The Marriage License Be Returned?

The marriage license must be returned after the wedding. If it is not returned in time, the document will expire and the wedding will not be legal. Find out what that timeline is in your State.

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How Do I Confirm The Wedding I Officiated is Legal?

Find out how to confirm that the marriage is legal now that the wedding is over. Different states have different requirements, and it's important to know what the process is.

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