Published: Thursday, Aug. 5th, 2021

A 150 yr-old marriage license was found hidden in a painting…

A close up of the hidden marriage license: edited screenshot from WWaysTV3's new story, linked below.

An antique painting donated to a thrift store in New Jersey had something special hidden inside… a 150 year old marriage license! 


The license was issued in 1875, in Bordentown, New Jersey to a couple named William and Kate. It was discovered by the owner of the Hope Chest Thrift Store, Pam Phelps, while she was cleaning the painting's frame. 


Because the paper is old and faded, Phelps hasn't been able to make out any other identifying information that would help her return the license to the couple’s family... leaving the mystery up to all of us to solve!  


Why was the license hidden? Was the couple’s marriage a secret? And why that painting? 


We love a love story with a little mystery to it … and we can’t wait to hear how this turns out.



A photograph of the shop owner looking at the discovered marriage license. The photo is a screenshot, taken from behind the owner's head, pointed down to a table top, where the license rests.

Shop owner Pam Phelps looks at the treasure she discovered.

Screenshot taken from WWayTV3's story, linked below.



Get the full scoop in this article by Peyton Furtado for WWayTV3.


Update! William and Kate's great-granddaughter was found, and the license is on its way. 


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A bit of history: 

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