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A groom leans over a table during the wedding ceremony to sign the marriage license. In the background, the bride watches, along with friends and family members

126 DAYS AGO | 12.20.2023

Signing a Marriage License During the Wedding Ceremony - Tips for Officiants ...

Everything you need to know to include signing the marriage license in a wedding ceremony as a low-stress and unique unity ritual. Ask your officiant to sign...

730 DAYS AGO | 4.25.2022

It’s easier to get a marriage license in Vermont than ever before!

Beginning July 1, 2022, Vermont couples will be able to purchase a marriage license anywhere in the state regardless of their county of residence. House Bill...

A whimsical image showing a groom and bride posing for a wedding day photo in the woods. Both newlyweds hold a large balloon that covers their face and leaves their identity unknown. A creative interpretation of the concept California Confidential Marriage License

904 DAYS AGO | 11.2.2021

Everything You Need to Know About California’s Confidential Marriage Licenses

A detailed look at California’s confidential marriage license, including benefits and disadvantages, public vs confidential, and what wedding officiants need...

931 DAYS AGO | 10.6.2021

Why it’s a Big Deal to file your marriage license correctly (And how to do it)

Curious why it's so important to fill out and file a marriage license correctly? This simple checklist for wedding officiants and couples explains expiration...

943 DAYS AGO | 9.24.2021

How to Get Married in Indiana - Planning a wedding in the Hoosier State

A step-by-step guide to getting married in Indiana - from how to find a wedding officiant and choose a wedding venue, to tips on where to apply for and retur...

951 DAYS AGO | 9.16.2021

How Old Do You Have To Be To Get Married In Each State?

Learn the legal age for marriage in each state and US territory, with links to relevant marriage laws for underage and child marriage, including requirements...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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974 DAYS AGO | 8.24.2021

Marriage license applications now online in Calhoun County, MI

Couples can now apply for their marriage license online in Calhoun County, Michigan, using the county clerk / register’s new online portal.

993 DAYS AGO | 8.5.2021

A 150 yr-old marriage license was found hidden in a painting…

Why was this marriage license hidden in a painting, nearly 150 years ago? The mystery was uncovered when an antique painting was donated to a thrift store in...

1013 DAYS AGO | 7.16.2021

Can you get married without a marriage license? What if you lost it? Or forgo...

Learn what to do if you lose your marriage license, forget to bring it to the wedding ceremony or mail it in afterward, or didn't apply for one - along with ...

1063 DAYS AGO | 5.27.2021

Connecticut legislators vote on removing race designation from marriage license

Connecticut lawmakers will vote on removing race designation from the state’s marriage license. House Bill 6665, HB6665

1100 DAYS AGO | 4.20.2021

Filling out a Marriage License: What religious denomination do I write down i...

What to write down when you're an atheist wedding officiant and the marriage license asks for the minister's religious denomination, including options for no...

1118 DAYS AGO | 4.2.2021

Apply for your marriage license online in Bucks County, PA

Couples planning a wedding in Bucks County, PA can now apply for their marriage license online over video conference, as part of a pilot program launched by ...

1143 DAYS AGO | 3.8.2021

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s secret wedding had no witnesses -- Let’s tal...

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry just revealed they held a secret wedding elopement in their backyard. But there were no witnesses… Was it legal? And what are ...

1157 DAYS AGO | 2.22.2021

Can I Officiate a Virtual Wedding Ceremony In My State?

We answer common questions on officiating & performing a virtual wedding ceremony in your state, including online marriage licenses, special rules, location ...

1160 DAYS AGO | 2.19.2021

State-by-state marriage waiting periods should be part of your wedding plan

Want to get married fast? Find out if your state has a marriage waiting period to avoid unexpected wedding ceremony delays, especially during Covid!


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