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Arkansas Officiant Plans Cosmic Group Wedding for April’s Solar Eclipse

Published Tuesday, Jan. 16th, 2024

Newlyweds bride and groom kiss outdoors during their wedding ceremony. The sun is behind them and shines through as they kiss.
Seal your vows with a kiss during April's solar eclipse! Photo: bojanstory / iStock

Get married in a ‘moonlit’ group wedding during April’s total solar eclipse in Pottsville, Arkansas!


On April 8th, a group of starry-eyed couples will gather under the open sky in Pottsville, Arkansas, to take their marriage vows during a total solar eclipse. 


Led by Notary Officiant Kimberely Boren, these couples will seal their commitment with a kiss just as the moon passes in front of the sun -- and blankets the valley in a velvety midday ‘moonlight.’ 


The one-of-a-kind celestial ceremony will be followed by music, drinks, desserts, and (of course!) dancing. 


Sounds magical, doesn’t it? 


From the organizer:

“Moonlit Matrimony


We specialize in creating once-in-a-lifetime wedding experiences that coincide with extraordinary celestial events. Our passion for love, nature, and wonder has kept us in Pottsville, Arkansas, where the mesmerizing total solar eclipse of 2024 will cast its spell. We are dedicated to crafting weddings that blend the magic of your love story with the awe-inspiring beauty of the cosmos.”


Register here before February 27, 2024



Photo shows a solar eclipse, the sun is covered by the moon's shadow in the sky, surrounded by an orange glow

Photo: Peter Jurik / Adobe Stock

Worth the trip: This year's solar eclipse is well worth traveling for! Total solar eclipses are relatively rare; if you miss this one, you'll have to wait until 2033 or 2044 to witness another in North America!    



Moonlit Matrimony will be held on the grounds of the historic Potts Inn Museum, which is one of the best places in the country to watch April’s unique event. 


Nestled between the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains, about an hour from Little Rock, this scenic location is surrounded by natural beauty and centered in the ‘path of totality’ as the eclipse passes across North America.


This means that couples and their guests will spend nearly 4 minutes and 15 seconds in the moon’s shadow! 


A festive indoor reception will follow, casting a spell of love and laughter as newlyweds share a delicious assortment of drinks, conversation, and cupcakes (à la Just Desserts of neighboring Russelville). 


Talented local vendors will be onsite to capture the magic as it unfolds, including a professional photographer (Hidden Springs Photography), a local DJ, and others. 


After dancing the hours away with new friends, couples from out of town can head to one of the area’s charming Airbnb or Vrbo rentals to snuggle in for the night, or opt for the rustic charm of a nearby campground. 


This community event shouldn’t be missed: A cosmic collaboration of love, made possible by inclusive wedding officiant Kimberely Boren, a friendly group of local business owners, the City of Pottsville, and most importantly, all the lucky lovers who attend! 


This event is inclusive and welcomes all couples.


Visit the Moonlit Matrimony website for more details about available wedding packages, prices, information on how to register, how to apply for a Pope County marriage license, and more: 


Moonlit Matrimony Details & Registration



Three photos: Couple forms a heart with their hands in front of the sun, close up of fruit topped cucakes from Just Desserts, and the exterior of the historic Potts Inn Museum, a pretty white building from the 1800s

Celebrate the solar eclipse with a one-of-a-kind elopement!

Photos (left to right): Celestial love (PeopleImages/ Adobe Stock); Cupcakes from Just Desserts; the Potts Inn Museum



Meet the Wedding Officiant


This celestial ceremony will be officiated by Notary Officiant Kimberely Boren.


Kimberely is the owner and founder River Valley Notary Solutions, a traveling notary and officiant business serving the Arkansas River Valley. She is a Certified Notary Public, Loan Signing Agent, and Wedding Officiant, with a background in community and economic development… and making people smile.


Kimberely has been performing inclusive weddings and elopements since 2022, when she was ordained by American Marriage Ministries (AMM).


She tells us that officiating is the happiest part of her job:


“The happiest thing I do is marrying people. I love it, it’s exciting, and everybody’s super happy that day. We live in a beautiful part of the state, so everybody’s always on board with a beautiful outside service. It’s a lot of fun.”



Wedding photo shows Notary Officiant Kimberely Boren officiating a ceremony for a bride and groom

Photo: Courtesy of the Officiant

Above, Kimberely stands between two newlyweds as she officiates their outdoor elopement on another date with cosmic significance: 10:10am on December 12th... 10:10 on 12/12!



Kimberely was encouraged to officiate by friends at the local courthouse who were familiar with her work as a notary and saw something special in her, and her female-owned business. She says: 


"Those ladies [at the courthouse] were super kind -- like, 'Girl power! We're happy to see a girl doing this, put your cards up!'" 


Since then, she's continued to receive support from the City and other local vendors. In fact, it's her heartfelt involvement in the community that has made Moonlit Matrimony a reality:


"Pottsville's my hometown, and [they've] been very supportive of my business too. They've done a nice job of always promoting my services," Kimberely tells us.


"The City reached out to me, and said, 'Hey... we would like to be able to offer a group wedding to people traveling in the area for the eclipse, would you be interested?' And I was like, absolutely!"


Kimberely performs custom ceremonies of all sizes, from casual to formal, with a special appreciation for nature-themed weddings.


Her focus is always on crafting a ceremony that fits the couple, and she adds sweet details like custom vows and bouquets in a bride’s favorite color from a local florist, to make the wedding day memorable. 



Connect with Notary Officiant Kimberely A. Boren: 


♦ River Valley Notary Solutions


♦ Moonlit Matrimony: Two Hearts, One Eclipse


♦ Facebook






More About the Venue: Historic Potts Inn Museum 


Couples who register for Moonlit Matrimony will enjoy a special tour of the historic Potts Inn Museum, one of the best preserved stagecoach stations in the region. This Civil War-era structure is a beautiful example of antebellum architecture from the 1850s.


This elegant venue is one of three buildings in downtown Pottsville, Arkansas, to be listed on The National Register of Historic Places, and is home to many important items from the city’s past. 


The museum is also home to many current projects, including the community outreach efforts of Pottsville Founder’s Day and Ghostly Gala night tours. 


Now, the museum will be a romantic destination for couples from all over the country!


Couples who get married during this year’s mass wedding can return year after year for anniversary celebrations and vow renewal ceremonies. 


Take a sweet wedding-day selfie in this unique spot, and soak up some local history as you make your own during April’s solar eclipse.



White two story building with columns, the historic Potts Inn Museum in Pope County Arkansas

The Potts Inn Museum (Photo via




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Jessica Levey
Jessica Levey

Lead Staff Writer & Illustrator

Jessica loves exploring the history and magic of ritual, the connections between people and places, and sharing true stories about love and commitment. She's an advocate for marriage equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and individuality, and is an ordained Minister with AMM. When she’s not writing or illustrating for AMM, she enjoys city hikes, fantasy novels, comics, and traveling.

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