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Get Married in one of the 10 Most Haunted Wedding Venues in the U.S.

Published Wednesday, Aug. 23rd, 2023

A moody cemetery scene, with old tombstones and tombs, surrounded by a soft fog and pink roses blooming on bushes, in the distance is the peak of a chapel roof, a haunted wedding venue!
Can't make it to one of the venues on this list? A local cemetery is always a good bet for a romantic and spooky setting. Just be respectful and always ask for permission from the property owner.

Want a spooktacular wedding ceremony? Start with a list of some of the most haunted places to get married in the United States



Whether you’re planning a spine-tingling Halloween themed wedding, an eerie autumn handfasting, or just love the idea of a few ghosts and ghouls joining the party on your wedding day, get started with this list of spirited venues. 


Next, ask a friend or relative to get ordained online to officiate your ceremony. 



Then, check out these spooky themed wedding ceremony scripts, or visit our Ceremony Scripts Library: 


Note: Contact the venue to verify availability, private event policies and procedures, and rental offerings.


1. 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa in Eureka Springs, Arkansas


The Crescent Hotel & Spa in Eureka Springs, Arkansas


This hotel’s history will send shivers down your spine! First opened in 1866, the building has served as a women’s boarding school, a junior college, and as an illegally run experimental hospital for cancer patients. At least eight ghosts are said to roam its halls, and the hotel offers several ghost themed packages. For the best chance of witnessing paranormal activity, newlyweds should reserve room 218 (Michael’s Room), which is said to be the most haunted room at the hotel. 



Aerial shot of the large Crescent Hotel and Spa at sunset, with dramatic pink and dark colored clouds, and seasonal lights along the walkway of the grounds and in the trees

Photo: The Crescent Hotel & Spa / Facebook

The haunted Crescent Hotel was once an illegally run hospital



2. The Idaho Hotel in Silver City, Idaho


The Idaho Hotel in Historic Ghost Town Silver City, Idaho


Leave a few seats open for some ghostly guests if you decide to get married at The Idaho Hotel! Two men died in a high-noon style duel on the steps of this historic Wild West hotel in the 1800s, and the hotel’s former owner killed himself in the saloon. Their wayward souls (and several others) are believed to roam the property, and guests report unexplained physical sensations, flickering lights, and sightings of an eerie figure wearing a cowboy’s duster that lingers near the stairs. 


Portions of the hotel remain closed to the public (perhaps to protect us from ornery spirits), but many rooms have been carefully restored, along with the bar and restaurant.



Landscape photo of old buildings in Silver City Idaho

Photo: Richard (Rick) Mouser / Wikimedia Commons

The historic ghost town of Silver City, Idaho is remote, accessible by dirt roads about 72 miles from Boise


3. Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Illinois


Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Illinois


Zoos are already a popular destination for weddings because of their beautifully landscaped grounds and cute safari sightings, but this one brings something a bit more chilling to the ceremony. The zoo and surrounding Lincoln Park were once home to Chicago City Cemetery… and 35,000 graves. Although many of the plots were emptied and their remains relocated during the park’s development, it’s estimated that nearly 12,000 unidentified bodies are still buried below the walkways and displays (via Chicago Reader). The park is also the notorious site of the 1929 St. Valentine's Day Massacre, so if you say ‘I do’ at this zoo, keep an eye out for ghosts! 


Plan a ghost walk during your wedding reception with this advice from renowned ghost hunter and author, Ursula Bielski. 



Photo in front of Lincoln Park Zoo, showing a large stone building, and a statue of large wildcats lying down and looking out onto the park

Photo: Erik Cooper / Wikimedia Commons

Few visitors know the secrets buried below Lincoln Park Zoo


4. The Foley House Inn in Savannah, Georgia


The Foley House Inn in the historic district of Savannah, Georgia


This chic and spooky bed and breakfast was built in the late 1800s, and with more than just bricks and boards, apparently – a human skeleton was found hidden in the walls! These human remains are said to belong to a wealthy boarder who was murdered for his money. Guests claim they’ve seen the specter strolling the garden at night in a top hat, so at least he’ll be well dressed for the reception!


AMM Minister Tia performed a wedding at the Haunted Foley House Inn in 2020. Read her full wedding ceremony script here for inspiration.


After you’ve taken your vows, head over to Bonaventure Cemetery for some Southern Gothic charm and a few more truly spooky encounters.




Exterior photo of the Foley House Inn in Savannah

Photo: The Foley House Inn / Facebook

The haunted Foley House Inn


5. The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California


The Queen Mary anchored in Long Beach, California


This historic art-deco-inspired ocean liner is anchored just off shore in Long Beach, with views of the ocean, the city skyline, and if you’re lucky, several ghostly guests. The ship’s engine room is said to be the site of a gruesome murder, and several children are believed to have drowned on board. If you’re looking for a venue that combines vintage style and ghoulish glam, this might be the spot! 


Read more about The Queen Mary: 10 Unusual & Unique Places to Get Married in the U.S.



Exterior shot of the Queen Mary anchored offshore in Long Beach, the long ocean liner has a black base and white body

Photo: Sfoskett / Wikimedia Commons

The Queen Mary anchored in Long Beach 


6. San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio, Texas


San Fernando Cathedral, also known as Church of Nuestra Señora de la Candelabra y Guadalupe, in San Antonio, Texas


This beautiful Catholic cathedral was founded in 1731, and is known for its ornate decor, its rich history as the oldest church in the state, and Spanish and bilingual masses which attract nearly 5,000 participants each weekend. Lesser known, perhaps, are the ghosts that haunt the grounds… It’s said that many parishioners from centuries past are buried in the walls of the church, priests and bishops are said to be buried in the floors and aisle, and remains of (what many believe to be) Alamo soldiers have been found buried in the sanctuary. 


Traditional Catholic wedding services are offered at San Fernando Cathedral. Learn more here. 



Interior shot of the cathedral, with decorative arched pillars, ornate carvings, stained glass, a large golden crucifix statute and more

Photo: Yinan Chen / Wikimedia Commons

Inside the haunted San Fernando Cathedral 


7. Sheffield Island Lighthouse in Norwalk, Connecticut


Sheffield Island Lighthouse and Light Keeper’s Cottage in Norwalk, Connecticut


A haunted lighthouse wedding? Put us on your guest list! This picturesque Victorian lighthouse stands along the spooky shore of Sheffield Island and is only accessible by boat. It’s said that the original keeper died there alone under mysterious circumstances, and a previous owner (Captain Robert Sheffield) has been heard luring sailors toward the shore with eerie music and songs played over the roar of the waves.  


In addition to the scenic views and lurking spirits, newlyweds can enjoy a clambake and sunset cruise after the wedding ceremony! 



An eerie photo of the Sheffield Island Lighthouse, taken an an angle to show the grass yard in front, with a little boy standing at the door. The lighthouse is a small two story stone building with an arched carved wooden awning above the door and a small attic window at the roof's peak, above is a column with additional windows and the light

Photo: Polaron / Wikimedia Commons

The eerie Sheffield Island Lighthouse



8. Old Town Hall in Salem, Massachusetts


The Old Town Hall located in downtown Salem, Massachusetts


Once home to the infamous Salem Witch Trials, this small New England city has dozens of well known haunted sites to choose from. Old Town Hall is one of our favorites, and not just because it was featured in Hocus Pocus!


Located in the heart of downtown, this Federal Style building holds antique chandeliers, decorative columns and carved wood details, and a secret entrance to the haunted smuggler’s tunnels stretching for miles beneath the city. Although this entrance has since been sealed, it’s said that several spirits and one very unpleasant poltergeist still haunt the halls. The City has denied the claims, but the sightings continue… so your wedding ceremony may very well draw a few supernatural party crashers. 


This stunning venue is the oldest municipal building in Salem, and is owned and managed by the City of Salem. Learn more about renting The Old Town Hall here. 



A photo of the exterior of the Old Town Hall building in Salem, showing a two story brick building on a sunny day

Photo via Arts Boston Calendar

Old Town Hall, Salem



9. Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California


The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California 


This maze of a mansion is filled with bizarre twists and turns, staircases leading nowhere, and – according to visitors and staff – several shadowy apparitions. Ghostly sightings have occurred from the building’s grand ballroom down to the basement, and there’s even a famous photo of a supposed specter peering out over the gardens from a window of the mysterious estate.   



External photo of the large and sprawling Winchester mansion on a sunny day, with blue skies and trees surrounding the large house. There are many windows, a spire, and other ornate details, and a decorative garden fountain in the forefront

Photo: Gentgeen / Wiki Commons

The Winchester Mystery House & surrounding gardens



10. St. Francis Inn in St. Augustine, Florida


St. Francis Inn Bed & Breakfast in St. Augustine, Florida


Founded in 1565, the city of St. Augustine is steeped in history and spirits. The St. Francis Inn sits not far from the banks of Matanzas River, and is said to have several permanent residents of the otherworldly variety! Ghost hunters, guests, and staff all have stories of paranormal happenings there, including falling books, moving pictures, ghostly kisses, ghoulish figures in white walking the halls, sudden temperature shifts, and much more. If you decide to elope in this eerie inn, you might want to sleep with the lights on… although we’re not sure that will help. 



The St Francis Inn at night, with white holiday lights decorating the second floor balcony

Photo: St. Francis Inn Bed & Breakfast / Facebook

The St. Francis Inn decorated with festive holiday lights - making it easier to see the spirits!



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Jessica Levey
Jessica Levey

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Jessica loves exploring the history and magic of ritual, the connections between people and places, and sharing true stories about love and commitment. She's an advocate for marriage equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and individuality, and is an ordained Minister with AMM. When she’s not writing or illustrating for AMM, she enjoys city hikes, fantasy novels, comics, and traveling.

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