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Apply for a Vermont marriage license in any county in the state, regardless of residency

Published Friday, Jul. 1st, 2022

We’ve got great news for couples planning a wedding in Vermont! 



Starting today, July 1, you can apply for your marriage license in any county in the state, regardless of where you live. 


That’s right! Thanks to a bill passed earlier this year, it’s now easier than ever before for residents and out-of-towners to get married in the Green Mountain State. 



The relevant section of the amended state code now reads: 


§ 5131 Issuance of Civil Marriage License; Solemnization; Return of Civil Marriage Certificate; Registration

(3) The license shall be issued by any town clerk in the State.


(See all Vermont Marriage laws here)



Previously, couples were required to apply for a marriage license with the clerk in their county of residence. The new law is expected to make the application process easier for couples by allowing them to apply for their license anywhere in the state. 


Also in effect today are changes to gendered language in several subsections of the state’s marriage laws. Words like ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ will be replaced with the gender-neutral terms ‘spouse’ and ‘party,’ to recognize same-sex couples and other LGBTQ+ marriages.


There’s no waiting period in Vermont, meaning couples can marry the same day they purchase a marriage license.


For more information on expiration, waiting, and return periods for marriage licenses in the state, head here. 


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