Published: Friday, Dec. 18th, 2020

New Ceremony Script Alert! A Winter Solstice Wedding with Candle Lighting

Illustrations by Jessica Levey

Are you dreaming of a winter wedding ceremony sparkling with lights, aglow with the warmth of community and love? We are, too! 


We’ve added a new seasonal sample script to our Library… 


A Winter Solstice Ceremony Script with Candle Lighting!


Just in time for the December 21st Solstice, this script is everything you need to begin planning your winter wonderland wedding ceremony. Drawing on a magical mix of centuries-old traditions and modern details, this script will help you welcome love and light into the shortest days and longest nights of the season... 


Lit from rafter-to-rafter or tree-to-tree with glowing, dancing candlelight, this ceremony is steeped in history and meaning. 



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It includes opportunities for friend and family participation and inclusion, meaningful readings, blessings, or music. It also works well for indoor or outdoor ceremonies, during the day or at night. 


(For tips on how to have a safer, socially distanced wedding, read 7 Tips for a Stress-Free & Socially Distanced Wedding Ceremony.)


You’ll also find reflections on the meaning and history of the Solstice, from scientific to spiritual, and can easily adapt it to suit Pagan, non-denominational, humanist or nonreligious couples… any everyone in between!  


To learn more about planning a winter solstice wedding, read Plan & Officiate a Winter Solstice Ceremony with Candle Lighting.



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We know that writing a ceremony from scratch can be a daunting process, especially if you’re officiating on short notice. 


(Ummm… a spontaneous December elopement right before tax time, anyone?)


To make things a little easier on everyone, we keep our Sample Script Library well stocked, with all kinds of wedding ceremony templates and sample scripts for you to choose from. These scripts make a great starting point, with sections to add to, leave out, or reorganize, as you personalize a ceremony. 


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