Published: Thursday, Dec. 17th, 2020

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Texas Monthly Article Gives Behind the Scenes Peek at the Crazy Shit Wedding Photographers Saw This Year

Texas monthly covid wedding photographer interviews

One quick spin around the frenzied dance floor that is the Instagram hashtag #texaswedding reveals hundreds of posts from recent nuptials from across the state. In these photographs, there are usually neither masks nor Purell pumps, nor any other visual indication that the celebrations are taking place amid a global pandemic

- excerpt from Texas Wedding Photographers Have Seen Some $#!+



Wedding vendors are caught in a hard spot. 


Stuck between safety and service during the pandemic, wedding vendors often rely on couples to help protect them while they work. But unfortunately, many couples don’t appear to take this responsibility seriously -- if they consider it at all. 


A recent article in Texas Monthly details what some of us might already know: Many couples getting married these days are acting as if they live in an alternate dimension, where a deadly pandemic isn’t still raging. By choosing to have indoor wedding gatherings where social distancing, masks, and other precautions aren’t strictly enforced, these couples put not just themselves and their friends and family at risk. They put vendors at risk, too. 


The article, appropriately titled Texas Wedding Photographers Have Seen Some $#!+ explores the dilemmas that vendors face. Through candid anonymous interviews, photographers share a sampling of the crazy shit they’ve seen this year… from a maskless grandfather dragging around an oxygen tank, to close-quarters dance floors.



image of woman holding camera, photographer, wedding photographer during COVID-19 pandemic , safety



The camera doesn’t lie. 


And while lots of couples are conscientious, safe and understanding, it’s clear that many other couples (way too many) aren’t. That’s why it’s so important that reporter Emily McCullar and these photographers point a flash-bulb at the vendor experience and the reasons why couples might go ahead with risky plans (hint, it’s not because they just don’t care) -- and what, just maybe, we can all do to work together better. 



→ Read Texas Wedding Photographers Have Seen Some $#!+ 




We know that rescheduling a wedding isn’t just a pain in the ass. Sometimes, it’s also totally heartbreaking. Although postponing your wedding is always the safest choice during the pandemic, postponement won’t work for some people. 


To make your wedding as safe as possible, ask guests to mask up, stay distanced, and try to move your ceremony and reception outside. Research and follow the recommendations and guidelines in your area, consider the wellbeing of all guests and vendors, and make a safety plan! 


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