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Wedding ceremonies are a public investment in the couple’s partnership. Why ceremonies matter more than ever!

Published: Wednesday, Jun. 10th, 2020

It isn’t often that we come across a wedding blog post or podcast that adds much to our understanding of wedding ceremonies (mostly because we read so many that we sometimes think we’ve seen it all), but this week’s episode of 99% Invisible

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The Importance of the Wedding Ceremony: Why saying “I do” Matters More Than You’d Think!

Published: Thursday, Feb. 13th, 2020

Looking at the title of this article, you might be thinking, “of course the ceremony is important.” You can’t really have a wedding without a wedding ceremony. But you might be surprised, because while some couples understand that the wedding ceremony is a key part of the wedding day, others look at it as a formality that they need to rush through so they can get t...

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How to find a wedding officiant in 2020: How online ordination makes the best officiants

Published: Tuesday, Jan. 28th, 2020

Have you ever spent half the day looking for your car keys only to discover that they were right in front of you the whole time (under the cable bill that you’ve been trying not to look at all week)? For many couples, the most challenging part of wedding planning is finding professionals to help them create their big day. There’s the internet, asking friends, and all kinds o...

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Are Rustic Barn Weddings Passé? Introducing Warehouse Weddings!

Published: Thursday, Dec. 19th, 2019

As couples strive to make their weddings a unique experience, many are side stepping traditional venues and inviting their guests  to unexpected places. Mountaintops, bodegas, classrooms… So in an era where e-commerce is reshaping the economy and our lives, it makes sense that forward-thinking couples are taking advantage of one of the most prominent fixtures of our modern econom...

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Who's Laughing Now? – How to Use Humor in the Wedding Ceremony

Published: Monday, Dec. 2nd, 2019

When writing a wedding ceremony, a question that often comes up is, should there be humor in a wedding ceremony, and if so - how much?  ...


Zipping Down the Aisle: Are Zipline Ceremonies the Future of Weddings?

Published: Monday, Nov. 25th, 2019

It took more than just complex rigging and experience to make Ethan and Tiffany Fowler’s zipline wedding a memorable event. They might have figured out a way to get Tiffany’s dress into the sling, and they might have successfully transitioned the couple from their harnesses to the ceremony, but it wasn’t until Bradley Brown, the adventure park’s manager, got ordained ...

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Start & End Well - Opening & Closing Words in a Wedding Ceremony

Published: Monday, Sep. 23rd, 2019

In our line of business, you’ve got about one sentence to grab your readers and keep them interested in what you are talking about. So, for the sake of keeping your eyeballs glued to this blog post, let’s just say that the rest of this article will be about turning you into a charismatic, compelling, and popular wedding officiant because guess what... It is!&nbsp...


New Feature Announcement: The Wedding Wall

Published: Friday, Sep. 6th, 2019

Big news, Ministers: we’re officially launching our Wedding Wall, a place where you can publish and share wedding ceremonies to inspire other ministers and couples!...


Become a Wedding Officiant with Our Free Online Ordination!