Published: Tuesday, Jan. 28th, 2020

How to find a wedding officiant in 2020: How online ordination makes the best officiants

Have you ever spent half the day looking for your car keys only to discover that they were right in front of you the whole time (under the cable bill that you’ve been trying not to look at all week)? For many couples, the most challenging part of wedding planning is finding professionals to help them create their big day. There’s the internet, asking friends, and all kinds of wedding planning apps…


Here at American Marriage Ministries, we think wedding planning should be stress-free (for the most part), and that includes finding your wedding officiant. Our philosophy is that wedding ceremonies are a celebration and reflection of community and love. As long as that is honored, you’re going to have an awesome wedding, because that’s what makes memories.


Sometimes you just can't find what you're looking for online...

So, if you're wondering who, exactly, to ask to officiate your wedding, we recommend that you first turn to those that you love and respect. Here are some examples to get you started:


Should my co-worker officiate my wedding? Yes, he/she/they should totally officiate your wedding. Whether we like it or not, our jobs are a huge part of our lives. Here at AMM, we’ve officiated weddings for each other, with great success. In fact, thousands of our ministers got ordained to officiate weddings for co-workers and who knows, the head of marketing might just have what it takes.


Should my mom officiate my wedding? Are you kidding?! Of course your mom should officiate your wedding! The bond between parents and their children is especially important as couples begin a new chapter of their lives together - and start creating their own families. Having a parent officiate can make for a deeply moving and personalized experience for everyone.


Parents make amazing officiants -- trust us.


Should my Dungeon Master officiate my wedding? If you can lead a DnD session, you can probably officiate a pretty amazing wedding ceremony. Creating a ceremony requires much of the same attention to detail as a good campaign, and both officiants and dungeon masters are responsible for creating a compelling story. So, if there are going to be warlocks and barbarians in attendance, perhaps there should be someone officiating who can tie it all together.


Should my barista officiate my wedding? The word “hero” is thrown around a lot these days, but if anyone deserves this designation, it’s your local barista. That latte she whips up every morning is the only reason you’re functional enough to attract a mate, so why not honor her contribution. Plus, if she can keep that line moving, and get those extra pumps of almond flavor, you know she’s going to officiate a great ceremony.


Should my professor officiate my wedding? You aren’t the first, or the last person to realize what a great idea this is. In fact, AMM was in the news last year when a couple chose their college professor as their wedding officiant, and they were featured on CBS.


 Melissa Curie and Dotan Schips decided to tie the knot, they asked their former college professor and ordained American Marriage Ministries (AMM) minister Florence Hunt to officiate the ceremony. 

We could keep listing more people in your life that would make great wedding officiants, but since studies show that people don’t want to read articles over 600 words, we’re going to cut this short.


The bottom line is this: it doesn’t matter what your job is, or where you come from – you should still get ordained online to become a legal minister so that when someone asks you to officiate their wedding, you can say yes!


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