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Is Taco Bell launching a virtual wedding venue in the Metaverse?

Published Thursday, Aug. 18th, 2022

We’ll meet you at the… combination virtual wedding shop and Taco Bell?



Sometimes life is stranger than fiction, even futuristic science fiction with dystopian mega-city vibes.


Take this recent rumor about an upcoming virtual venture, for example: A Taco Bell wedding venue in the Metaverse.


Trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis tweeted this week that the late night stoner-staple has filed a trademark application to provide an “online virtual event venue for wedding ceremonies” and other special occasions, offering live and pre-recorded entertainment services. 





(According to IP law office Gerben Law, the application was filed on August 9th, 2022). 


Taco Bell wouldn’t be the first restaurant to make a move to the Metaverse -- McDonald’s filed 10 similar applications in February, according to an article in Food & Wine


But this announcement still leaves us with a lot of questions! 


Questions like, will this predicted virtual wedding venue be restaurant themed, like the cantina-style chapel they opened in Vegas? (The Vegas Cantina Chapel, pictured below.)


Will there be a branded soft-meets-crunchy taco unity ceremony? A Fire Sauce unity shot toast?


Will guests be forced to choose between chalupas and crunchwraps in order to RSVP?? (Just kidding, that’s impossible even in the metaverse.)


For now, we can only speculate…




A photograph of the inside of the Las Vegas Taco Bell Cantina Chapel, a restaurant themed wedding venue located in Nevada

Inside the Las Vegas Cantina Chapel, via



The first Taco Bell themed wedding venue opened in 2017 in Las Vegas.


Called the Cantina Chapel, the franchise location offers a glitzier version of your favorite neighborhood tex mex stop – right on the Strip. Guests are invited to pull up a chair to watch as their fast-food-loving friends say “I do” below two large illuminated bells. (Taco bells, we’re guessing?) 


We expect the virtual venue to offer the same flare and fluorescent lighting, with similar options to purchase food and merchandise. 



A view of the Taco Bell flagship restaurant in Las Vegas Nevada, with a view of TV screens, colorful décor, and the Cantina Chapel to the right

Another view of the Las Vegas Cantina Chapel (upstairs on the right),

with the store and restaurant below, via



Love it or hate it, these corporate themed events venues are probably here to stay.


According to a few online crypto-enthusiast sources, other restaurants and retailers have filed similar brand applications for NFTs and virtual retail spaces in recent months, including Jersey Mike’s, Subway, Burger King, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, Panera Bread, Dunkin Donuts, and Panda Express. (via GeekMetaverse & FX Empire) 


Get the full scoop in this Geek Metaverse article. 




Are metaverse weddings legal? 


If you’re wondering whether marriages sealed in the metaverse are legal or not, you’re not alone! Interest in the topic has been building for several months, beginning with one of the earliest metaverse weddings back in September of 2021.


We’ve talked about this subject a lot, but as it stands at the time of writing, metaverse weddings are not yet legal all on their own. 


Couples who choose to marry virtually using digital avatars must still hold a traditional ceremony of some kind – even if it’s a remote ceremony (like the online weddings offered in Utah) or a simple ‘sign and go’ license signing ceremony that makes the marriage legal. 



Check out these related articles to learn more about the potential future of the virtual wedding industry: 











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