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Gift Ideas for Your Wedding Officiant

Gift officiant

Wedding officiants devote an immense amount of their time and effort to creating and perfecting the wedding ceremony, and as couples are realizing just how important the role of officiant is, they're looking for additional ways to express their gratitude.

Whether you’re saying Thank You for officiating the wedding ceremony, Happy Holidays, or Just Because, here are a variety of thoughtful gift ideas for your officiant:


Massage or Spa Treatment

You know this for certain: weddings are stressful for anyone involved, and that means officiants, too. Encourage your wedding officiant to take some "Me" time to decompress and pamper themselves by giving them gift card for a therapeutic massage or relaxing spa treatment.



If you know your officiant is especially passionate about or dedicated to a certain cause, consider giving a donation in their name to a charity, animal shelter, or organization they support. (Not only is this personal and meaningful, but it’s tax deductible, too!)


Mug & Coffee/Tea

A fun, decorative Officiant mug (we love this one and this one!) paired with a bag of fresh ground or whole coffee beans never goes unwanted. (Or, if your officiant prefers tea, opt for a loose leaf variety to present with the mug instead.) They’ll enjoy sipping on a delicious dark roast during those long ceremony-crafting hours - and they'll remember you each time they pick up that mug!


Bottle of a Good Vintage

Be it whisky or wine, those who partake will always enjoy a bottle of their favorite libation.


Lucky in Love by Eleni Gage

This book is an enriching and beautiful tribute to different wedding traditions and rituals around the world. Not only does it have a whole chapter on mastering the wedding ceremony, but it’s full of gorgeous illustrations and folklore and beloved customs from around the world. Any pro officiants, lit fans, or romantics would truly love adding this to their library! (Pssst... it's available in our store with free shipping.)


Beauty Products

If you know your officiant is a bonafide fashionista, consider gifting them with an eyeshadow or face palette. Many officiants (and others in public speaking roles!) put a lot of effort into their appearance and enjoy beauty and fashion, so something like a makeup palette would be both a thoughtful and practical gift.


A Heartfelt Note

Not all gifts have to come wrapped in packages. If you don’t have extra funds in your budget for thank-you gifts, or you’re just stumped on what to give your officiant, a simple handwritten card will always be appreciated and treasured. Take some time to express, in words, your gratitude for the huge role your officiant has played in making your wedding ceremony so perfect – and it will mean the world to them.


Remember, your wedding ceremony is the reason everyone is coming together. Folks will attend from near and far to celebrate you and hear your unique love story, which is being told by the one person you trust to do so in the most personal, meaningful way: your officiant.

So don’t forget to thank them – along with your bridesmaid, groomsmen, and other wedding vendors – for the valuable time and energy they’ve dedicated to making your wedding day so memorable.


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