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Gift Ideas for Your Wedding Officiant

Published Thursday, Jan. 2nd, 2020

How do you say 'Thank You For Marrying Us'?


Big or small, the right gift will say it all. 



Wedding officiants devote an immense amount of time and effort to creating and perfecting the wedding ceremony. As a soon-to-be or newly wed, you realize just how important your officiant really is, but you're likely wondering how to show your gratitude. Is it appropriate to give a gift? Are they expected? And if so, what size or type of gift is right? Do they even make thank you cards for wedding officiants?


Our AMM ministers tell us that gifts are never expected. But if a couple chooses to, a heartfelt gift feels wonderful to receive. Couples on a snug budget often send a handwritten note, personalized greeting card, or coffee card, while other couples choose to indulge their officiants in a little pampering with spa days or bottles of wine. 


So whether you’re saying Thank You for officiating the wedding ceremony, Happy Holidays, or Just Because, here are a variety of thoughtful gift ideas for any budget. 



A Heartfelt Note


Not all gifts come in wrapping paper and bows. If you don’t have extra funds in your budget for thank-you gifts, or you’re just plain stumped on what to give your officiant, a simple handwritten card or letter will always be appreciated and treasured. Take some time to express, in words, your gratitude for the huge role your officiant has played in making your wedding ceremony so perfect. 


Use a blank greeting card, a nice sheet of paper, the back of a wedding photograph, or any other artful surface you'd like to write on. There are also artists and crafters out there making officiant cards, available on sites like Etsy and Society6 (among others), if that feels more your style. 


A few heartfelt words will mean the world to them.



A simple heartfelt card will mean the world to your officiant. 




A Cute Mug & Their Favorite Coffee or Tea


A fun, decorative Officiant mug (we love this one and this one!) paired with a bag of fresh ground or whole coffee beans never goes unwanted. If your officiant prefers a good cuppa, opt for a loose leaf tea variety to present with the mug instead. They’ll appreciate the inspiration boost while sipping on a delicious dark roast during those long ceremony-crafting hours... And they'll remember you with a smile each time they pick up that World's Best Wedding Officiant mug!



Nothing gets those ceremony-writing superpowers activated like a delicious cup of coffee. (Or tea... we see you, tea lovers!)




Make a Charitable Donation in Their Name


If you know your officiant is especially passionate about a certain cause, like LGBTQ advocacy or forest conservation or protecting ocean life, consider giving a donation in their name to a charity or organization they support. Even a small donation of ten or twenty dollars is a beautiful gesture, and not only this gift personal and meaningful, but it’s tax deductible, too!


If you need help choosing a cause, read about AMM's Charitable Activities and see the organizations we love to support as a 501c3 Non-Profit.



Donations of any size are a personal and meaningful way to show your gratitude.




Lucky in Love by Eleni Gage


Professional officiants, lit fans, and hopeless romantics will truly LOVE adding this to their library. This book is an enriching and beautiful tribute to the countless wedding traditions and rituals around the world. Not only does it have a whole chapter on mastering the wedding ceremony, it’s full of gorgeous illustrations and folklore and beloved customs throughout history. Wedding officiants love love (it's an occupational hazard), and they will love this book.


Pssst... it's available in our store with free shipping.






A Bottle of a Good Vintage


Be it whisky or wine or a sparkling nonalcoholic cider, those who partake will always enjoy a bottle of their favorite libation. Add a personal note card or tie a festive bow around the neck of the bottle to add a little extra personal flare.



A festive celebration in a bottle.



Beauty or Self Care Products


If you know your officiant is a bonafide fashionista, soaps and lotion lover, or meditation and incense enthusiast, consider gifting them with a small self care package. This might be an eyeshadow or face palette, a woodsy scented essential oil set, stylishly packaged hand or hair creams, or a sampling of hand dipped incense sure to rejuvinate their spirits. 


Many officiants (and others in public speaking roles) put a lot of effort into their outward appearance and inward focus, and enjoy beauty, fashion, and relaxation. Something like a makeup palette or essential oil set would be both a thoughtful and practical gift.



Self care and beauty kits can be a perfect gift for officiants of any gender. 




A Decadent Massage or Spa Treatment



As a newly wed, or someone in the process or planning a wedding, you know this for certain: Weddings are stressful for anyone involved. That means officiants, too, even when they love what they do.


For officiants that go above and beyond, a gift card for a therapeutic massage or a relaxing spa treatment will encourage them to take some "Me" time, to decompress and pamper themselves. If your officiant was a family member or friend, you might also plan a fun trip to the spa together, if you think they'd appreciate the company. 



Weddings are stressful for everyone involved -- help your officiant decompress!





Remember, your wedding ceremony is the reason everyone is coming together. Folks will attend from near and far to celebrate you and  your partner and to hear your unique love story -- told by the one person you trust to do so in the most personal, meaningful way: your officiant.


So don’t forget to thank them – along with your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other wedding vendors – for the valuable time and energy they’ve dedicated to making your wedding day so memorable. Big or small, a gift is always a great way to show your gratitude.



P.S. ...


Don't forget to give your officiant a glowing review online as part of your thank you efforts. Professional officiants spend hours working on their portfolios and gathering ceremony photos and wedding videos to show other happy couples the kinds of ceremonies and services they offer. But when it comes to showcasing their experience, few things top a gold star review from a real, recently married duo. So shout their praises for all engaged couples to hear! 



Updated November 2021


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