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Pixel-Perfect Inspiration from 5 Metaverse and Video Game Weddings

Published Thursday, Jan. 20th, 2022

Sergio is escorted by a bridesmaid to the altar in a screenshot from his Second Life wedding video, credit Jackson Redstar

Planning a wedding in-game or in the metaverse?

Let these creative ceremonies inspire you!



Virtual wedding ceremonies like those held in the Metaverse or in video games like Second Life, Animal Crossing, and Final Fantasy, are only limited by a couple’s imagination.


These unique ceremonies aren’t legally binding, unless they’re combined with a real world ceremony, but they are an innovative and romantic way to easily gather friends and family together from all around the world to celebrate a couple’s commitment. 


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If you’re planning your own metaverse wedding or looking to get hitched online in a favorite game, here are 5 one-of-a-kind wedding examples to help inspire you. 



5 pixel-perfect ceremonies to inspire your wedding plan 



1. An Ultra-modern outdoor hybrid wedding with livestream




  • Luxurious outdoor settings for both ceremonies
  • Hybrid approach allows in-person and virtual guests to experience the magic together
  • Ceremony honors couple's first ‘meet-cute’ in the Cloud


Traci and Dave Gagnon’s celebration made headlines worldwide as the first ‘official’ metaverse wedding. Although (non-binding) wedding ceremonies have been held in video games for years, this unique event took a modern hybrid approach to make things legal – combining the virtual ceremony with a live outdoor ceremony happening simultaneously.



Avatars of Traci and Dave, and a photo of the real Traci and Dave, show that the wedding couple wore the same clothes in each ceremony, credit: Ryan Abrey with Virbela and Daryl Hawk with White Mountain Photography/ Courtesy of Traci Gagnon   Avatars of Traci and Dave stand on a stage with their officiant in the metaverse, while behind them, a screen shows a live stream feed from the in-person ceremony happening at the same time

On the left:The couple as avatars, and at their in-person ceremony

On the right: Traci and Dave take their vows with the officiant in the Metaverse, and in the real world

Photo Credit: Ryan Abrey with Virbela and Daryl Hawk; White Mountain Photography/ Courtesy of Traci Gagnon, via Insider

Photo Credit: Virbela, Courtesy of Traci Gagnon, via Insider


The couple and their avatars wore almost identical clothing, and the avatars’ movements matched the couple’s happening in real time. A livestream view of the real-world ceremony was streamed above the stage in the virtual venue, so that guests at both ceremonies could witness the couple exchanging their vows together. (via Insider)


Traci and Dave chose a hybrid ceremony with a virtual chapel to pay tribute to their very first meeting, which also took place virtually in 2015. We love ceremonies that authentically celebrate a couple’s origin story! 




2. A Harry Potter themed wedding with 6,000 guests





A couple in India has planned the country’s first metaverse wedding, and they didn’t hold back! This massive virtual event will include an estimated 6,000 to 7,000 guests, including the groom’s Instagram and Twitter followers and the ‘ghost’ of the bride’s father, who passed away last year. Janaganandhini Ramaswamy, the bride, has arranged for an avatar of her deceased father to appear as part of the ceremony.


Avatars of the couple pose in front of Hogwarts, the sky is dark and cloudy and the couple are wearing cool streetwear including a leather jacket   The couple pose for a photo in the real world, they are wearing colorful traditional Indian clothing

On the left: The couple pose in front of Hogwarts in the Metaverse

On the right: They pose together in the 'real world'

Photos via Daily Mail


The couple’s avatars will wear traditional Indian wedding attire before changing into casual (and very stylish) clothing for a Hogwarts inspired virtual reception. (via the Daily Mail)


Like all weddings, metaverse weddings come with a chance of mishaps: The groom, Dinesh Sivakumar Padmavathi, says that if all of the invited 7,000 guests attend, the surge in online traffic could cause interruptions in the town’s internet service. A lack of connectivity would definitely spell disaster for a virtual ceremony… We hope everything goes well! 



3. A Magical moonlit ceremony with twinkle lights and lanterns




  • A stunning black wedding dress with contrasting gold bridesmaid gowns
  • Twinkle lights and colorful lanterns in the moonlight
  • Custom wedding photo display board


This gorgeous night wedding is a great example of what a creative celebration in Second Life can offer. Seren and Sergio chose a lush outdoor venue decorated with candid photos, candles, colorful lanterns, and twinkling white lights against a backdrop of stars.


The couple stand in front of the altar with the officiant, screenshot from Second Life wedding


The couple walk down the aisle arm in arm

Above: Screenshots from Seren and Sergio's wedding video, standing in front of the altar and walking down the aisle Video credit: Jackson Redstar


At the entrance to the outdoor event, a sweet quote attributed to Audrey Hepburn was written on a chalkboard: 


“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”


Bridesmaids and groomsmen led the way down the aisle during a traditional procession, with white and pink flower petals covering the path to a large floral wedding arch woven with pink lilies. The couple’s wedding officiant delivered a beautiful wedding reading while the couple clasped hands and sealed the moment with a kiss. 


Watch Seren and Sergio’s full Second Life wedding ceremony video here



4. An Enchanted winter wonderland with live music




  • Epic bridal entrance by helicopter 
  • Custom golden seat tags for VIP guests 
  • Stunning white grand piano and live musical performance 


Lisa and Askan’s Second Life ceremony took place in an icy white wonderland, with trees and mountains dusted in snow and dotted with bright strands of light. Guests gathered in feather boas and chic winter coats to keep out the cold while they waited for the bride to make her incredible entrance.


Screenshot from couple's Second Life wedding in the snow


Screenshot from couple's Second Life wedding in the snow, the wedding singer and pianist perform

Above: Screenshots from Lisa and Askan's wedding video, 

Standing in front of the altar with their officiant, and the wedding singer performing with the pianist Video credit: DESS WDES


As snowflakes fell softly in the background, Lisa arrived in style by helicopter. The sleek machine touched down on a make-shift landing pad drawn in the snow in the shape of a heart, and Lisa was escorted out and down the aisle by a friend. A singer and a pianist performed music while the couple exchanged personal vows and rings. 


After the pronouncement, the couple kissed in the company of a rare white deer. A colorful fireworks display burst in the sky above them, and they headed to the dance floor for their first dance and the reception party, surrounded by loved ones. 


Watch Lisa and Askan’s full Second Life wedding ceremony video here



5. A Surprise beach wedding with festive bonfire 




  • Groom surprises bride with ceremony 
  • Small gathering for intimate experience with friends
  • Bonfire on the beach creates a joyful all-night reception

When a New Jersey couple had their wedding plans dashed by the COVID pandemic, the groom got creative and planned an entire Animal Crossing island wedding in secret to surprise his bride. Nazmul Ahmed asked his fiancee, Sharmin Asha, to meet him on his island for a special event, but didn’t tell her what he was up to.



Friends gather with the bride and groom on an island in Animal Crossing, it's evening and a bonfire is in the background

Friends gather with the bride and groom on the beach to celebrate their commitment

Photo credit Sharmin Asha, via Washington Post


The couple’s friends arrived early, and hid until Sharmin realized what was happening – a surprise wedding on the beach! (via the Washington Post)


With waves crashing gently along the shore, tiki torches glowing in the evening light, and a bonfire crackling merrily in the background, the couple took their vows surrounded by a small group of their closest friends.


We love a happy ending with a tropical beach theme! 


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Jessica Levey
Jessica Levey

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