Published: Wednesday, Mar. 3rd, 2021

Planning a COVID Wedding: Our Most Popular Articles & Advice, All in One Place

Planning a pandemic wedding has never been easier with these popular articles and useful advice!



Heading into the pandemic’s second wedding season, engaged couples and officiants have a much better idea of what to expect than we did last year. That’s thanks in large part to the spirit and incredible creativity of those pioneering COVID brides and grooms, who showed us that where there’s a will, there’s a wedding! 


We’ve seen the most beautiful weddings in the most unexpected settings: vintage-Hollywood inspired ceremonies at drive-ins, elopements in the mountains, city parks, and cafes, virtual weddings that dazzled guests watching from all over the world, and touching family weddings in backyards and on boats. 


To help you plan your own wedding this season, we’ve compiled our most popular and helpful articles and advice all in one place! Share these articles with friends and family, your officiant, or with your soon-to-be-spouse to help plan your perfect pandemic-era ceremony. 


Planning Your Wedding -- Top Articles for Couples 



A brief look at what wedding insurance covers for couples in the time of COVID-19. 



Helpful tips on where couples can learn more about the online marriage application process in their state. 



An overview of witness requirements and self-uniting ceremonies, to help plan the smallest weddings. 



A comprehensive look at planning an unforgettable, stylish drive-in wedding. 



Useful insight to help with planning a memorable outdoor wedding ceremony at a national or state park. 



Fun alternatives to an in-person wedding reception. 



Practical suggestions for a sweet, socially distanced, and stress-free wedding. 



An informative look at planning a hybrid wedding, and finding the perfect compromise between in person and virtual weddings. 



An introduction to microweddings and beautiful backyard weddings, and how to plan a safe, private ceremony when a traditional venue isn’t available. 



A bundle of fun suggestions for friends and family who want to show their support and love at socially distanced weddings. 



A look at the most popular alternative weddings for the coming year… according to the stars.



A unique guide to eloping, and things to consider as you plan. 



A creative look at what a sequel wedding is, how to plan one, and what officiants and guests can expect. 



We weigh the pros and cons to help you uncover the best approach for planning your wedding in 2021.



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