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A young couple wave at a laptop placed on a table in front of them. They are wearing wedding attire, a suit and dress, for their marriage ceremony

135 DAYS AGO | 1.9.2024

Can an AI Avatar or Chatbot Officiate a Wedding?

Can an AI Avatar or Chatbot Legally Officiate a Wedding Ceremony? Learn who (and what) can serve as a legal officiant for your marriage ceremony, including w...

AI generated image shows elderly woman smiling on a laptop screen during a video call.

141 DAYS AGO | 1.3.2024

Wedding Toast from Beyond: Using AI to Include Dead Loved Ones in Your Ceremony

Learn how conversational AI technology makes it possible to include deceased relatives and friends in your wedding ceremony, such as a virtual toast, speech,...

644 DAYS AGO | 8.18.2022

Is Taco Bell launching a virtual wedding venue in the Metaverse?

Rumor has it that Taco Bell filed a trademark application in early August to open a virtual wedding venue in the metaverse. Learn more about the possible fut...

716 DAYS AGO | 6.7.2022

Can you marry an inanimate object? How about an animal, color, AI, robot, or ...

We’ve seen the stories but… Is it legal to marry an inanimate object? What about an animal or pet, color, robot, AI, or fictional character? They say that lo...

845 DAYS AGO | 1.29.2022

3 Terms Every Officiant Should Know in the Virtual Wedding Era

3 essential phrases every wedding officiant should know while planning a ceremony as virtual weddings become more common. Learn the difference between virtua...

854 DAYS AGO | 1.20.2022

Metaverse Weddings Give Us a New Way to Honor Deceased Loved Ones

Metaverse weddings offer engaged couples a unique way to honor deceased loved ones through the use of virtual avatars. As virtual, augmented, and mixed reali...

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More Technology In Weddings Articles

854 DAYS AGO | 1.20.2022

Pixel-Perfect Inspiration from 5 Metaverse and Video Game Weddings

Inspiration from real weddings to help you plan a metaverse wedding or vow renewal, or a virtual commitment ceremony in your favorite video game. 5 one-of-a-...

876 DAYS AGO | 12.29.2021

Is Augmented Reality the Next Stop for Destination Weddings?

How will the wedding industry be affected as augmented technology becomes more ubiquitous? Hologram wedding ceremonies? Virtual travel and metaverse destinat...

1465 DAYS AGO | 5.19.2020

Will we all be replaced by virtual wedding officiants?

Are wedding officiants about to be replaced by robots, or will weddings return to normal after the coronavirus shutdown learn how to stay ahead of the trends...

1473 DAYS AGO | 5.11.2020

These states are where you can - and can't - get married online

Some states are now allowing couples to get married online. California, New York, Illinois and other states have passed emergency measurers allowing couples ...


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