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988 DAYS AGO | 9.3.2021

NY lawmakers reconsider online weddings with new bill

Will online weddings return to New York? Lawmakers reconsider virtual marriage ceremonies and marriage license services provided through video conferencing t...

990 DAYS AGO | 9.1.2021

Clark County approaches its 5 millionth wedding license!

Clark County, home to Las Vegas, will soon celebrate an incredible achievement and issue its 5-millionth wedding license. Couples are flocking to Vegas to el...

998 DAYS AGO | 8.24.2021

Marriage license applications now online in Calhoun County, MI

Couples can now apply for their marriage license online in Calhoun County, Michigan, using the county clerk / register’s new online portal.

1010 DAYS AGO | 8.12.2021

The story of a lesbian marriage in historic Colonial Williamsburg

A marriage certificate issued to two women in Colonial Williamsburg was discovered by researcher Ren Tolson, documenting an early same-sex love story as part...

1018 DAYS AGO | 8.4.2021

The wedding boom is real, and Las Vegas leads the way

Couples are flocking to Las Vegas to get married in this year's wedding boom! We look at why, what's next now that restrictions and masking are back, and whe...

1024 DAYS AGO | 7.29.2021

Marriage & music hit the stage for Honeymoon Rock Fest this fall

A rock music festival in Oklahoma City invites couples to marry onstage between bands this fall as a wedding boom sweeps the country. Honeymoon Rock Fest is ...

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1026 DAYS AGO | 7.27.2021

Same-sex pastors marry, in a first for France’s Protestant Church

The United Protestant Church of France just performed its first wedding for two same-sex LGBTQ+ clergy members. The union of Pastors Emeline Daude and Agnes ...

1026 DAYS AGO | 7.27.2021

A Katz’s Deli micro wedding?! Do officiants get free bagels?

Take a look at what's on the menu for this Katz's Deli micro wedding, as the NYC icon becomes the latest unlikely venue to emerge in this year's wedding boom...

1031 DAYS AGO | 7.22.2021

An alligator as a ring bearer?!? Would you perform this wedding?

A bride and groom asked Wally, an emotional support alligator, to be the ring bearer for their wedding ceremony in central Pennsylvania this week.

1032 DAYS AGO | 7.21.2021

Rhode Island approves new one-day marriage designation

A new certificate will authorize Rhode Island adults to perform marriages on a specific day in a specific town, for a fee, as one-day-only wedding officiants.

1033 DAYS AGO | 7.20.2021

Updates to NYC’s Project Cupid, Marriage Bureau reopens

The NYC Marriage Bureau reopened for scheduled in-person services on July 19, including civil marriage ceremonies and marriage license appointments. These ap...

1037 DAYS AGO | 7.16.2021

NYC Marriage Bureau reopens Monday, July 19

The Office of the City Clerk and NYC Marriage Bureau will reopen on July 19 to in-person services and civil wedding ceremonies.

1038 DAYS AGO | 7.15.2021

Remote marriage license appointments on the horizon in Texas

County clerks in Texas will soon be able to issue marriage licenses remotely using online video-conference technology, under a new state certification proces...

1038 DAYS AGO | 7.15.2021

Would you officiate a skydiving wedding? Alaska couple jumps into marriage he...

A sky-diving wedding brings day-of excitement to new heights. Watch these two newly-weds jump out of plane and take their vows in the Alaska wilderness.

1039 DAYS AGO | 7.14.2021

Mobile marriage licenses? Bexar County Clerk hits the road with traveling sat...

A new mobile Bexar County Clerk Satellite Office is helping residents in Texas purchase marriage licenses and file other paperwork closer to home.


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