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759 DAYS AGO | 5.12.2021

Cicadas make for unwelcome wedding guests as Brood X arrives

Brood X is here! What wedding planners, officiants, couples, and wedding guests need to know about the arrival of these periodic cicadas at May and June 2021...

765 DAYS AGO | 5.6.2021

A New York bride is selling her entire wedding on TikTok

A NY bride is selling a discount Brooklyn wedding on TikTok after she and her husband eloped in a small, intimate ceremony with family and friends in Massach...

766 DAYS AGO | 5.5.2021

DC bans dancing at wedding receptions as other restrictions loosen

A new executive order in DC bans dancing at indoor and outdoor wedding receptions, while raising capacity and loosening other COVID-19 related restrictions a...

766 DAYS AGO | 5.5.2021

Chicago and Cook County announce new guidelines for weddings and private events

Chicago and Cook County announce new capacity guidelines for weddings and private events during COVID, information for engaged couples, officiants, and other...

772 DAYS AGO | 4.29.2021

Bride and groom plan wedding at stranger’s mansion without permission

A South Florida couple tried to have their wedding ceremony at a stranger's mansion estate without permission, leading to disaster when authorities were call...

774 DAYS AGO | 4.27.2021

Platonic best friends wed, redefining marriage with a love that transcends ro...

Two platonic best friends get married in an 'anti-establishment' unconventional marriage to build a life together.

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775 DAYS AGO | 4.26.2021

Bride wears wedding dress to get vaccinated

A Baltimore bride decided to wear her wedding reception dress to get her COVID-19 vaccine at the M&T Bank Stadium Mass Vaccination Site.

780 DAYS AGO | 4.21.2021

Missouri legislators debate whether marriages must be solemnized, may replace...

Proposed legislation pending in the Missouri House could replace marriage licenses with contracts of domestic union, and eliminate the need for a wedding cer...

784 DAYS AGO | 4.17.2021

Wedding venues are turning away same-sex couples: A look at current laws and ...

Wedding venues in North Carolina and Ohio refused service to same-sex couples. We look at current protections for first amendment rights and religion, LGBTQ+...

785 DAYS AGO | 4.16.2021

Hawaii considers a new civil license to solemnize marriages

Hawaii is considering a civil license to solemnize marriage, available to all adults over the age of 18 who wish to perform weddings, but aren't affiliated w...

796 DAYS AGO | 4.5.2021

Permits for Oregon beach weddings on hold until July

Oregon will not be issuing permits for weddings and outdoor gatherings of over 50 people until after July 1, 2021, due to the continued spread of COVID-19. S...

806 DAYS AGO | 3.26.2021

Virginia Wedding Venue Sues Gov. Northam Over Gathering Restrictions

The wedding venue Belle Garden Estate is suing Virginia's Gov. Northam over Covid 19 restrictions they say are discriminatory. Wedding gatherings are limited...

807 DAYS AGO | 3.25.2021

3 miraculous stories of wedding rings lost -- and found

These wedding rings were lost forever, until a few everyday heroes stepped in to reunite them with their owners.

809 DAYS AGO | 3.23.2021

Minors and Marriage: Six states re-examine the minimum age for marriage in a ...

Six states are considering raising the minimum age for marriage, in what seems to be increased attention to laws regulating child marriage in the US.

810 DAYS AGO | 3.22.2021

Groom drops ring into Lake Tahoe, wedding ceremony ends in scuba diving adven...

A picturesque marriage ceremony came to a halt when the ring exchange made an unexpected splash. A local scuba diver saved the day in the unlikely Lake Tahoe...


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