Published: Wednesday, Sep. 1st, 2021

Clark County approaches its 5 millionth wedding license!

Very soon, Clark County, Nevada will issue its 5-millionth wedding license. 


5 million! 


That’s a whole lotta love, even when you consider that Clark County is home to Las Vegas -- a city renowned for its decadent, over-the-top weddings, spontaneous elopements, Elvis-inspired officiants, all-night chapels, and drive-through ceremonies. 


County Clerk Lynn Marie Goya expects the county to reach this extraordinary milestone sometime in the next few months, between December and February. 


We wonder who the lucky couple will be? 



A photo of an Elvis look-alike wearing a black suit and red scarf marries a couple in wedding clothes, they kiss in front of the camera, image credit: via Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada

Photo credit: Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, known as the

"Home of the world's first Elvis themed wedding!"  



Goya announced the upcoming achievement during the fifth annual State of the Wedding Industry event last week.


Get the full scoop in this article from News 3, KSNV NBC Las Vegas. 




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More on the Vegas & Clark County wedding boom


Clark County is home to Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Boulder City, Paradise, Mesquite, and several other popular destinations for folks looking to get married somewhere out of the ordinary. 


Couples are rushing to book small weddings and elopements in Vegas and other wedding destinations, as a safe and fun alternative to larger gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic -- and especially now, during the current delta variant surge. 


Demand for marriage licenses and last-minute ceremonies is so high in Clark County that many wedding officiants are working every day of the week.


And Mesquite, located only about an hour outside of Las Vegas, will be opening a new county satellite office in October. The new office will be able to issue marriage licenses in order to help the area keep up with demand. 







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