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524 DAYS AGO | 2.10.2023

Sample Wedding Officiant Contract: Defining Your ‘Terms of Service’ for Profe...

Use this sample wedding officiant contract to help define your business terms of service. This vendor contract template includes details about who the agreem...

526 DAYS AGO | 2.8.2023

Ask an Officiant: Do I Need A Contract For My Wedding Officiant Business?

Should professional wedding officiants provide a contract for their services? AMM Minister & pro officiant Sherri Crawford offers her advice, answers frequen...

533 DAYS AGO | 2.1.2023

How to Get Married in New Hampshire - Planning a Wedding in the Granite State

A step-by-step guide to help you plan a wedding and get married in New Hampshire - including how to find a wedding officiant, choose the best wedding venue,...

535 DAYS AGO | 1.30.2023

How to Officiate a Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony

Asked to officiate a same-sex wedding ceremony for the first time? Looking for a same-sex wedding ceremony script, or for what to say during the pronouncemen...

Close up photo of two grooms holding red paper cut out hearts during their Valentine's Day wedding ceremony.

539 DAYS AGO | 1.26.2023

The Sweetest Valentine’s Day Wedding Ceremony Scripts & Vows

Five incredibly romantic wedding ceremony scripts that are perfect for a Valentine's Day wedding or elopement, or a meant-to-be ceremony any time of year. Th...

540 DAYS AGO | 1.25.2023

How to Get Married in Connecticut - Planning a Wedding in the Constitution State

A step-by-step guide to help you plan a wedding and get married in Connecticut - including how to find a wedding officiant, choose the best wedding venue, pl...

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Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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547 DAYS AGO | 1.18.2023

Salt & Sage Love Smudge for a Lowkey Pagan Wedding Blessing

This original salt and sage ‘love smudge’ is the perfect ritual blessing for a lowkey Pagan wedding! Including directions on how to prepare the blend and cas...

553 DAYS AGO | 1.12.2023

What to Include in a Wedding Officiant Contract, According to the Pros

Learn how to write a wedding officiant contract & terms of service document for your business, with this advice from professional officiants. We cover the ba...

554 DAYS AGO | 1.11.2023

New wedding script! Unity Puzzle Wedding Ceremony Script

This unique wedding ceremony includes a unity puzzle ceremony, with the perfect wording for your wedding officiant to say to capture the sweet symbolize and ...

559 DAYS AGO | 1.6.2023

AMM’s Most Popular New Wedding Ceremony Scripts of 2022

A look at the most popular wedding ceremony scripts published in the free AMM Wedding Ceremony Script Library this year! These original scripts were written ...

560 DAYS AGO | 1.5.2023

AMM’s Most Popular Articles of 2022: Current Wedding Trends and Classic Content

A look at the most popular wedding articles published on the AMM American Weddings blog this year! From current wedding trends, to creative and simple ways t...

561 DAYS AGO | 1.4.2023

Funny Alternatives to “Until Death Do Us Part” for Your Wedding Ceremony

Add some humor to your wedding ceremony script with these fun alternatives to "until death do us part." Perfect for couples who love to laugh together, nerds...

562 DAYS AGO | 1.3.2023

New Script! Marriage of Equals Wedding Ceremony for Non-traditional Couples

There’s a new original wedding ceremony script in the AMM library! This officiant script celebrates free-spirited and non-traditional love, equality, indepen...

563 DAYS AGO | 1.2.2023

Memorial Ceremony Script with Bubble Release or Flower Floating Ceremony

A sweet memorial ceremony script with sample wording for a bubble release or flower floating ceremony, written by AMM Minister Michelle Rojas. This sample sp...

567 DAYS AGO | 12.29.2022

10 Sweet Vow Examples for Your Vow Renewal Ceremony

Creative vow ideas for your vow renewal ceremony! Choose from 10 vow examples to renew your marriage commitment, celebrate a wedding anniversary, marriage re...


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