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571 DAYS AGO | 12.19.2022

A Simple Wedding Planning Checklist & Timeline for Busy Couples

This simple wedding planning checklist and timeline will help you plan an unforgettable celebration, with a focus on the most important part of the day: the ...

574 DAYS AGO | 12.16.2022

How Much Does a Wedding Officiant Cost? (& Should You Tip Them?)

How much does a wedding officiant cost? Learn common rates and fees for different types of officiants and services, including local clergy and professional w...

575 DAYS AGO | 12.15.2022

These Wedding Planning Books Make Great Gifts

Wedding planning books with a focus on the ceremony: These wedding guides make great gifts for a newly engaged couple, your favorite professional wedding off...

576 DAYS AGO | 12.14.2022

Funny Love Poems & Whimsical Wedding Readings for a Ceremony that’s YOU & Tru...

Funny wedding readings and love poems to add to a lighthearted wedding ceremony script, unique wedding vows, or a whimsical rhyming officiant speech. Include...

577 DAYS AGO | 12.13.2022

AMM Ministers: Cultivate a Relationship with Your Congregation

Ministers ordained with American Marriage Ministries serve a diverse group of couples and families to ensure their marriages are celebrated with love, respec...

580 DAYS AGO | 12.10.2022

55 Questions a Wedding Officiant Can Ask a Couple to *Really* Get to Know Them

An over the top list of humorous, helpful, and downright absurd questions a wedding officiant can ask a couple to get to know them before the ceremony. If yo...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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581 DAYS AGO | 12.9.2022

6 Ways to Include a Sword in Your Wedding Ceremony

From unity ceremony to unique recessional, here are 6 creative ways to include a sword in your wedding ceremony. This list incudes a military saber arch, Vi...

585 DAYS AGO | 12.5.2022

New Script! New Year’s Eve Wedding Ceremony with Wine Box & Love Letters

A fun New Year’s Eve Wedding Ceremony Script with a wine box unity ceremony, love letters, sweet resolutions for your marriage, a special seasonal reading of...

Dos novios se toman de la mano durante la ceremonia de la boda mientras el oficiante de la boda sonríe y sostiene el guión de la boda.

587 DAYS AGO | 12.3.2022

12 preguntas que debe hacerle a su oficiante de bodas antes de firmar un cont...

Hágale al oficiante de su boda estas importantes preguntas para asegurarse de que ha encontrado a la mejor persona para oficiar su ceremonia. Antes de firmar...

A groom and bride pose in a funny way in front of a green wall to celebrate their marriage day

588 DAYS AGO | 12.2.2022

5 Alternatives to a Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Choose one of these fun and affordable alternatives to a traditional wedding ceremony, including eloping, a sign and go marriage license signing ceremony, a ...

589 DAYS AGO | 12.1.2022

How to Have a ‘Friends Only’ Wedding Ceremony - No Family Invited

Not inviting family to your wedding? No problem! Here’s how to have a fun friends only wedding ceremony. Choose the right friend to serve as wedding offician...

Two grooms hold hands during the wedding ceremony while their wedding officiant smiles, holding the wedding script

590 DAYS AGO | 11.30.2022

12 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Officiant Before Signing a Contract

Ask your wedding officiant these important questions to make sure you’ve found the best person to officiate your ceremony. Before you sign a contract, ask ab...

591 DAYS AGO | 11.29.2022

How to Get Married in California - Planning a Wedding in The Golden State

A step-by-step guide to help you plan a wedding and get married in California - including how to find a wedding officiant, choose the best wedding venue, pla...

592 DAYS AGO | 11.28.2022

3 Things to Know Before Having a ‘Just Us’ Wedding Ceremony

'Just us weddings' are sweet, simple, and oh so romantic. Just remember these 3 things to make sure your ceremony is legal, including if you can marry withou...

594 DAYS AGO | 11.26.2022

What to Wear to Officiate a Winter Wedding

Asked to officiate a winter wedding? Learn what clothes to wear as a wedding officiant during a winter wedding ceremony, depending on the couple and the type...


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