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387 DAYS AGO | 4.27.2023

Palm Reading: Unique & Mystical Unity Ritual for Your Wedding Ceremony or Cel...

Add a unique and unexpected unity ceremony to your wedding ceremony, reception, or afterparty, with palm reading! Palm reading can be combined with tradition...

394 DAYS AGO | 4.20.2023

What to Say & Do During a Hands Blessing Wedding Ceremony

A simple, nonreligious hand blessing ceremony script. This blessing is easy to combine with another unity ritual, such as a handfasting or palm reading, to c...

429 DAYS AGO | 3.16.2023

What to Say (and Do) During a Love Lock Unity Ceremony

Learn the meaning of a love lock wedding ceremony, and what to say and do during this popular unity ritual! With a sample officiant script and variations for...

493 DAYS AGO | 1.11.2023

New wedding script! Unity Puzzle Wedding Ceremony Script

This unique wedding ceremony includes a unity puzzle ceremony, with the perfect wording for your wedding officiant to say to capture the sweet symbolize and ...

526 DAYS AGO | 12.9.2022

6 Ways to Include a Sword in Your Wedding Ceremony

From unity ceremony to unique recessional, here are 6 creative ways to include a sword in your wedding ceremony. This list incudes a military saber arch, Vi...

Close up as a bride and groom perform a unity candle ceremony during their wedding. The couple are holding small candles to light a larger candle, and holding their free hands up to block the wind so that the flame doesn't go out. They are wearing formal wedding attire, including a white gown with lace sleeves, and a blue suit.

551 DAYS AGO | 11.14.2022

FAQs About the Unity Candle Ceremony, Including When, How, Who, Where, and Why!

All your questions about the wedding unity candle ceremony, answered: When to light the candle (before or after rings and vows), who lights the unity candle,...

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More Unity Rituals Articles

569 DAYS AGO | 10.27.2022

Unique Unity Ceremony with Tarot Reading on Love & Marriage

Ask your wedding officiant to perform this simple 6 card spread, 2 person tarot reading for marriage advice, strengths and challenges in the relationship, an...

571 DAYS AGO | 10.25.2022

5 Weird Unity Ceremony Ideas for Truly Unique Weddings

Embrace the weird in love and life! From wreaths made of human hair to leaping with your lover over a bonfire, these weird unity ceremony ideas are the perfe...

A bride in a white lace wedding gown holds a beautifully decorated unity candle during a candle lighting ceremony. The groom stands beside her, in a blue suit and red bowtie.

590 DAYS AGO | 10.6.2022

Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Unity Ceremonies

Learn about popular unity ceremony ideas for your wedding ceremony, as well as when a unity ceremony usually takes place during the ceremony, what these trad...

614 DAYS AGO | 9.12.2022

Wedding Smudge Stick Recipe - Sage, Sweetgrass, and Lavender

Use this simple recipe to make a sweet-smelling protective wedding smudge stick for your wedding’s smudging ceremony. This sacred combination of sage, sweetg...

670 DAYS AGO | 7.18.2022

How to Include the Wedding Lasso Tradition in Your Ceremony

Learn about this beautiful unity ceremony, traditionally part of Hispanic and Filipino Catholic wedding ceremonies. The wedding lasso, or ‘el lazo de boda,’ ...

677 DAYS AGO | 7.11.2022

Greek Orthodox Weddings: From Koumbaroi to Holy Crowns and the Common Cup

Learn about Greek Orthodox Weddings ritual and traditions, from the stefana wedding crown ceremony, to blessings in threes, unique prayers and psalms, Koumba...

717 DAYS AGO | 6.1.2022

What is a Nikah Ceremony? Intro to the Muslim Marriage Ceremony

Learn about the Muslim marriage ceremony tradition - the nikkah or nikah ceremony – and how this traditional religious Islamic wedding custom compares to the...

A groom holds a bride in his arms on a beach on the wedding day. It's sunny, and in the background is a blanket, flowers, and other romantic items, with the ocean behind them and some small hills and grass. The couple stands in the sand in their wedding clothes. The bride wears a white wedding dress and holds up a bouquet of flowers, the groom is wearing a light gray suit.

731 DAYS AGO | 5.18.2022

5 Seaside Unity Ceremony Ideas for Your Beach Wedding or Vow Renewal

5 creative unity ceremony ideas for your beach wedding, including a shell or stone blessing ritual, unique tropical toast with a custom wedding cocktail, tra...

Close up of a groom and a bride holding lit candles during a unity candle ceremony. The candles are decorated with greenery, a white rose, and ribbon. The groom wears a dark suit and white shirt, and the bride wears a strapless white and pink wedding gown.

750 DAYS AGO | 4.29.2022

How to Perform a Unity Candle Ceremony (for Wedding Officiants)

Want to plan or perform a unity candle ceremony for your wedding? Learn about supplies, how to set up the table, what to say and do, and considerations for a...


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