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814 DAYS AGO | 11.29.2021

5 Strange and Delightful Wedding Traditions From The Past

5 unusual wedding traditions from the past, with modern twists to bring these old fashioned customs back to the marriage ceremony. The silver sixpence, the b...

835 DAYS AGO | 11.8.2021

5 Unity Ceremony Ideas for a Cozy Winter Wedding (with Scripts)

Unique seasonal unity ceremony ideas to bring warmth, light, and joy to your winter wedding ceremony -- from candle lighting and love letters to a cheerful w...

855 DAYS AGO | 10.19.2021

Burying the Bourbon for a Southern Wedding Ceremony Toast

Create a unique unity ceremony for your wedding by Burying the Bourbon! This fun tradition is a staple at Southern weddings, with a touch of superstition and...

870 DAYS AGO | 10.4.2021

Kick Your Wedding Off with a Toast: A Wine Blending Ceremony Sample Script

Add a wine blending unity ritual to your wedding ceremony with inspiration from this personalized script, from AMM Minister Max Dovala. This script was used ...

874 DAYS AGO | 9.30.2021

Add Magic to Your Second Ceremony with a ‘Year and a Day’ Handfasting

Combine the magic of the Celtic Year and a Day handfasting ritual with your sequel wedding or second ceremony! With links to wedding ceremony scripts, Pagan ...

902 DAYS AGO | 9.2.2021

Tasting the Four Elements - An African Inspired Wedding Tradition

A wedding unity ritual with roots in African Yoruba culture, Tasting the Elements symbolizes the emotions of a long and loving marriage - spicy, sour, bitte...

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More Unity Rituals Articles

926 DAYS AGO | 8.9.2021

The Javanese Siraman Wedding Ritual - An Illustrated Look

An illustrated guide to the Javanese Siraman Ceremony of Central Java, Indonesia. Learn about this traditional custom involving flower water, bathing, and sp...

930 DAYS AGO | 8.5.2021

The 5 Most Patriarchal Wedding Ceremony Traditions (& Their Modern Alternatives)

Ever wonder why brides walk down the aisle, or where veils got their start? Learn about five wedding traditions with patriarchal pasts and their modern femin...

1001 DAYS AGO | 5.26.2021

The Oathing Stone: A Modern Twist on a Traditional Scottish Unity Ceremony

How to plan & perform an Oathing Stone Ceremony, including vows and sample script for modern or traditional weddings. This versatile unity ritual from Scotla...

1002 DAYS AGO | 5.25.2021

Include Loved Ones in Your Wedding With a Stone Blessing Ceremony

A stone blessing ceremony and wishing stones are a magical way to involve friends and family members in your wedding ceremony. This unique blessing stones un...

1018 DAYS AGO | 5.9.2021

Our Favorite Ways to Include Moms and Matriarchs in a Wedding Ceremony

Learn meaningful ways to include a mother or matriarch in your wedding ceremony, including unity rituals, a walk down the aisle, how to plan with your weddin...

1026 DAYS AGO | 5.1.2021

A Simple Beltane Incense Recipe for Your Wedding

A magical Beltane incense recipe for your wedding ceremony. A unique addition to any wedding, marriage rite, engagement, betrothal, or Wiccan handfasting rit...

1068 DAYS AGO | 3.20.2021

Flower Meanings and Symbolism : What Does Your Wedding Bouquet Say?

Are you fluent in the language of flowers? Learn the meaning and symbolism of common blooms, to help you plan your wedding bouquet and reception arrangements!

1071 DAYS AGO | 3.17.2021

Give Your Love Letter Ceremony a Centuries-Old Twist with Letterlocking

Give your love letter ceremony a Renaissance twist with letterlocking! This unique unity ritual adds history, tradition, and visual beauty to the wedding cer...

1077 DAYS AGO | 3.11.2021

New Script Alert! A Simple Handfasting Ceremony

New wedding script! Give your short, simple ceremony a boost of beauty and symbolism by adding a handfasting to your elopement, microwedding, minimony, or ot...


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