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Published: Wednesday, Sep. 8th, 2021

The Rise of the Flower Man - A Fun Offbeat Wedding Trend

Cover image: A Flower Dude in action, photo courtesy of photographer Dominique Monarca. (cropped from original)

You’ve probably seen one of the countless viral videos circulating on Instagram or Facebook or TikTok by now… 


Men wearing fanny packs with fashionable suits, tossing flower petals here and there with wild abandon as they strut down the wedding aisle.


It’s one of the year’s quirkiest wedding trends -- The Flower Man! A delightful alternative to the traditional flower girl. 




A man dances down a wedding aisle in a sharp looking gray suit, tossing petals from a leather fanny pack

This stylish flower man tossed rose petals while dancing down the aisle,

caught on camera by @TaylorToMuchh



These ‘flower dudes’ have certainly shown up here and there over the years, but 2021 was the year that these trendsetting gentlemen rocketed into the mainstream. Some of the most popular videos on YouTube have been viewed millions of times.


(Is it because we’re all eager for some lighthearted laughs after months of social distancing and postponed wedding plans? Maybe!)


With more couples looking to make their weddings inclusive, authentic, and fun, it was only a matter of time. 


This offbeat twist gives couples another way to include a best friend, sibling, or relative in their wedding ceremony. 


And flower men (along with ‘flower boys’ and gender neutral ‘flower children’) also help to de-gender old wedding traditions that might not suit modern families. 




Should you have a flower man in your wedding processional? 




We say go for it! At the end of the day, your ceremony should demonstrate who you are, how you live, and how you love. 


And if there’s a charismatic man in your life who looks great in a fanny pack and knows how to make an entrance on a beat, well, we think you have your answer.






Wedding officiant Shelley stands with the couple, Allie and Geoff, and their flower man, Tommy, next to the wedding arch. The arch is outdoors, surrounded by trees and green grass, and everyone is smiling happily.    The Flower Dude, Tommy, wears a cut off gray tshirt and a pink tie, and tosses flower petals into the air while other wedding guests smile and laugh   The happy couple with their flower dude pose under the wedding arch, surrounded by white petals and green grass. The flower dude has his leg up in a funny pose


'Flower Dude' Tommy in action at his friends' Allie and Geoff's wedding, setting the stage for unforgettable romance and laughs in Cupid-inspired short-shorts, a white fanny pack, and a mischievous smile. (photos courtesy Dominique Monarca Creative)


AMM Minister and professional officiant Shelley Armatino (of Married By Shelley, pictured above on the far left) called this fun ceremony 'one for the books.' She told us: "I really got to know [the couple] so well, and to be able to tell their love story really was an amazing experience!"








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