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A young boy holds up his hand in a triumphant and excited way, with a mischievous and happy smile. A young girl stands behind him in the distance. Both children are dressed in cute formal wear for a wedding ceremony. She has a frilly dress and a floral wreath in her hair, he has a light blue button up shirt, dark blue vest, and polka-dot bow tie.

234 DAYS AGO | 9.29.2023

8 Creative Alternatives to a Flower Girl or Ring Bearer for Your Wedding Cere...

Creative alternatives to a flower girl, ring boy, or ring bearer for your non-traditional wedding ceremony! Get friends, relatives, and children involved in ...

763 DAYS AGO | 4.18.2022

Wedding Processional Order: Traditional & Modern Examples for Your Ceremony

Choose a wedding processional order that’s best for your ceremony with inspiration from these traditional and non-traditional examples, including nondenomina...

767 DAYS AGO | 4.14.2022

Bride chooses cat to be her ‘flower boy,’ now her sister is furious

It’s so much fun when couples choose to include a pet in their wedding ceremony, like this bride and her cat as a ‘flower boy’! But it can also lead to misun...

A 'flower dude' or 'flower man' walks down the wedding aisle in short daisy-duke shorts, a cropped tshirt, a pink tie, and sunglasses. He looks funny and outrageous, and guests turn to watch him, smiling and laughing

985 DAYS AGO | 9.8.2021

The Rise of the Flower Man - A Fun Offbeat Wedding Trend

Is it time to pick a flower man for your wedding? This offbeat wedding trend is a twist on the traditional flower girl that’s gender inclusive and gives coup...

1178 DAYS AGO | 2.27.2021

Walking Down The Aisle Together: A Modern Wedding Procession

Walking down the aisle together is a unique twist on the traditional wedding processional. Learn inspirational variations on how couples can enter and leave...

1193 DAYS AGO | 2.12.2021

7 Alternatives to Walking Down the Aisle

7 fun alternatives to the wedding processional & traditional walk down the aisle - from two aisles, to walking alone, walking as a group, hanging out backsta...

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1638 DAYS AGO | 11.25.2019

Zipping Down the Aisle: Are Zipline Ceremonies the Future of Weddings?

Want to try something new? Read how one Pennsylvania couple ziplined into their wedding ceremony and created a unique wedding ceremony.

Close up photo of two small fuzzy white dogs. They are sitting in the grass, cute, panting with their tongues sticking out. Behind them are the bottom of a bride's wedding dress and the groom's legs in a black suit pants, they are holding the dog's leashes.

2008 DAYS AGO | 11.20.2018

Thinking of Walking Down the Aisle Alone? We Asked Former Brides how they did...

Walking down the aisle alone can be a powerful statement during your wedding ceremony. We talked to brides who walked down the aisle for more insight.


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