Published: Saturday, Feb. 27th, 2021

Walking Down The Aisle Together: A Modern Wedding Procession

Illustration by Jessica Levey

If you dislike the idea of walking down the aisle with an escort, don’t want to walk alone, or would rather spend the entire ceremony side by side with your sweetheart, we have some good news for you: You can! 


And wedding officiants, if you’re working with a couple that wants something a little different to start their ceremony, but don’t know how to begin, read on for planning inspiration! 


Couples are no longer bound to the same old traditions of the past, and are free to plan their wedding ceremony their way... including how they get down the aisle.



One of our favorite new traditions?


Partners walking down the aisle together. 



Walking down the aisle arm-in-arm, or side-by-side, sends the message that the two are entering their union equals. They support each other every step of the way as they walk the path of life, both entering and leaving the ceremony side by side. (Plus, it looks great in photos!)


If you’re planning a wedding ceremony and would like to try this modern option, talk with your wedding officiant about incorporating any of these variations to create a meaningful ceremony procession:



  • Enter at the top of the aisle together, and walk arm-in-arm toward the officiant.


  • Use two aisles, with each partner walking at the same time and meeting at the front of the room.


  • Enter from the sides, and meet in the middle in front of the officiant. 


  • Send the first partner halfway up the aisle first, then have the second partner join them, and continue walking down the rest of the aisle together.


Any of these variations can be further customized by adding music, dancing, or additional members of the wedding party to the mix. 



The procession, or processional, is the very first part of a ceremony, and it sets the tone of the event before a single word is spoken! This ‘opening scene’ lets guests know if the wedding will be traditional, modern, offbeat, or solemn. It also reveals the couple’s personalities, and how they view the journey into marriage. Give it the planning and attention it deserves to create a unique ceremony from start to finish.


For more help planning the procession, visit our Officiant Training Pages: The Procession Explained



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