Published: Monday, Oct. 19th, 2020

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Exorcisms, Flus, and Flat Tires: Backup Officiants are Essential, Especially in 2020

Officiant exorcism backup wedding insurance
Illustrations by Jessica Levey

Imagine your officiant canceling at the last minute because of an unexpected exorcism. 


Yeah, that’s right. An exorcism. You heard us. The eviction of a demon spirit from a human body.


Think it would never happen? Well, think again! It did happen (to a couple later married by an AMM minister), and it’s probably not even the wackiest reason officiants have had to cancel on short notice. 


And in a year like 2020, things have only gotten wackier... and much harder to plan with any certainty...


As a couple, you don’t want your wedding to fall through when your officiant catches the flu, or gets called away to handle a spooky supernatural emergency. 


That’s why having a backup officiant is essential!





Look, shit happens. Wedding officiants are only human. They get sick, break limbs, and have family emergencies and flat tires like the rest of us. 


And while professionals go to great lengths to avoid mishaps and missing ceremonies (such as showing up early and preparing wedding emergency kits), sometimes things just don’t go according to plan. 


(Officiants, read 4 things you might forget the day of the wedding and Did I Just Say That? 3 Ways to Handle Wedding Ceremony Mistakes)


Having a backup officiant is insurance for the unexpected. 


Some wedding vendors are also registered wedding officiants, and will be able to sign the license in a pinch. (And we think ALL wedding vendors — photographers, planners, even the bartender! — should be ordained, so get to it!) 


But having a guest or family member who’s ordained, and ready to step in at the last minute should they be needed, is something you’ll never regret. Cousin Zeke or Aunt Harriet don’t need to do anything fancy, they’ll be heroes just by being there to witness your wedding and sign your marriage license! And although it might not be what you had in mind, an unexpectedly off-the-cuff ceremony is leaps-and-bounds better than no ceremony at all, and will make for a great story in the years to come.


Long story short, your officiant is one of the most important parts of your day. You’ll spend a lot of time finding the perfect officiant and working with them to craft your ceremony. But don’t leave things to chance, especially in uncertain times like these. Prepare for the unexpected!


Have a backup!  


Hey, want to know what happened to that couple whose original officiant had an exorcism to get to?


Their relationship was already so wildly unique, what with her being a renowned psychic and former fashion model, and him being an astrology fan with a blended family, that their big beautiful wedding (officiated by AMM Minister Bonnie Sanchez) was written up in the New York Times


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