How To Write a Wedding Ceremony Script in 9 Steps

Writing a wedding ceremony script for the first time can seem like a daunting task. This guide is meant to clarify the process by providing step-by-step instructions on how to write a wedding ceremony script from start to finish.


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1. Write Down What The Couple Means To You

This guide to writing a wedding ceremony script begins with the general and works towards the specific. Similar techniques are used in music composition, drawing, and architeture.

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2. Read Other Wedding Ceremony Scripts

Do you want to write a good wedding ceremony script? A great place to start is to read what others have written. Wedding ceremony scripts are generally not that long so this won't take much of your time. Take the time to read a few.

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3. Collaborate With The Couple

This wedding ceremony is about and for the couple. Even though you will be doing the lion's share of the writing, you should never loose sight of this fact.

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4. Write The Foundation For Your Wedding Ceremony Script

The work you did in steps 1 - 3 operate under the mantra, "measure twice and cut once". With all of your prep work in hand you should have done all the necessary measuring to begin writing your wedding ceremony script.

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5. Recite The Wedding Ceremony To Yourself

As stated earlier, words feel different when recited as opposed to being read. There will likely be sentences in your ceremony that sound good on paper but feel awkward when spoken. This exercise is meant to identify and remedy those problem areas.

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6. Take a Break

This is the rare case when doing nothing is doing something. Give yourself the gift of looking at what you have written with a fresh set of eyes.

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7. Make The Ceremony Whole

In this step we will look at the ceremony as one continuous piece of writing. Make a copy of your ceremony and remove any section titles it has, such as "Invocation", "Declaration of Intent", etc. This copy of the ceremony should be a series of paragraphs with no obvious delineation between the sections.

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8. Recite the Ceremony to a Friend

Here's where the rubber meets the road. Find a trusted friend or two and recite the ceremony to them. Their feedback whether positive, negative, or both is crucial in perfecting the ceremony.

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9. Make a Wedding Ceremony Script with Detailed Stage Directions

This entire page has been focused on the writing aspect of the wedding ceremony script. It is important not to lose sight that the wedding ceremony is a performance. Specifically, it is a highly choreographed performance with many moving pieces.

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