Step 4 - Write The Foundation For Your Wedding Ceremony Script

How To Write a Wedding Ceremony Script in 9 Steps


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1. Write Down What The Couple Means To You 2. Read Other Wedding Ceremony Scripts 3. Collaborate With The Couple

4. Write The Foundation For Your Wedding Ceremony Script

5. Recite The Wedding Ceremony To Yourself 6. Take a Break 7. Make The Ceremony Whole 8. Recite the Ceremony to a Friend 9. Make a Wedding Ceremony Script with Detailed Stage Directions ◀︎ CEREMONY WRITING INDEX

Get Started Writing Your Wedding Ceremony Script

Laying The Foundation

We are FINALLY ready to start writing! Wooo!!!

The work you did in steps 1 - 3 operate under the mantra, "measure twice and cut once". With all of your prep work in hand you should have done all the necessary measuring to begin writing your wedding ceremony script.

Instead of writing the ceremony from start to finish, we are going to first block out each section of the ceremony. You can think of this as laying out the foundation of a house before putting up the walls. That way you will have no confusion about how many rooms the house will have, where they will be, you get the point.

In your word processor, block out a section for "Invocation", "Declaration of Intent", "Pronouncement", and so on. If you are unfamiliar with these terms you can read our page The Parts of a Wedding Ceremony.

You now have the entire ceremony script framework laid out. From this point you can chip away at the entire ceremony by breaking it down into manageable blocks.

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You may find yourself with writer's block when writing a particular section. If that happens, put that section aside and start working on a different part of the ceremony. By jumping around to different parts of the ceremony you can avoid writer's block and reinvigorate your inspiration by starting on something new.

Once you have something in each section you can then go back and focus on the places that give you trouble. This is where the exercise you did in step one will really come in handy. Draw from that list to help guide you through the difficult to write parts of the ceremony.

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