Step 1 - Write Down What The Couple Means To You

How To Write a Wedding Ceremony Script in 9 Steps


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1. Write Down What The Couple Means To You

2. Read Other Wedding Ceremony Scripts 3. Collaborate With The Couple 4. Write The Foundation For Your Wedding Ceremony Script 5. Recite The Wedding Ceremony To Yourself 6. Take a Break 7. Make The Ceremony Whole 8. Recite the Ceremony to a Friend 9. Make a Wedding Ceremony Script with Detailed Stage Directions ◀︎ CEREMONY WRITING INDEX

What Does the Couple Mean to You?

Thinking Woman

This guide to writing a wedding ceremony script begins with the general and works towards the specific. Similar techniques are used in music composition, drawing, and architeture.

What does this means in practice? Before you begin to write your ceremony script you are first going to do a simple exercise.

  1. Get a pen and sheet of paper (or finger to keyboard).
  2. Make a column for each partner.
  3. Write down thoughts, feelings, and memories that come to mind.

The point of this exercise is to tease out the feelings you have towards the couple. This will prove invaluable in setting the tone for the ceremony when you are ready to start writing.

Chances are you will not use most, if any, of what you write down for this exercise. That is not the point. The point is to develop a tone that resonates with the couple when you start writing. In other words, this will set you on a specific path so that you don't end up going through endless rewrites.

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Good writing begins with inspiration. This technique helps you find your inspiration before you waste your valuable time.

Chances are good that you were personally chosen to officiate the wedding. This is a good indication that you share a strong bond with one or both of the people getting married. This bond is your most powerful tool in writing a meaningful wedding ceremony script.

Here is an example of what this exercise could look like:

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This list will prove to be an invaluable reference when you are inevitably stuck with writer’s block. When that happens, simply go back to this list for insight on how to proceed writing.

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