Step 2 - Read Other Wedding Ceremony Scripts

How To Write a Wedding Ceremony Script in 9 Steps


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1. Write Down What The Couple Means To You

2. Read Other Wedding Ceremony Scripts

3. Collaborate With The Couple 4. Write The Foundation For Your Wedding Ceremony Script 5. Recite The Wedding Ceremony To Yourself 6. Take a Break 7. Make The Ceremony Whole 8. Recite the Ceremony to a Friend 9. Make a Wedding Ceremony Script with Detailed Stage Directions ◀︎ CEREMONY WRITING INDEX

Familiarize Yourself with Wedding Ceremony Scripts

Reading Book

Do you want to write a good wedding ceremony script? A great place to start is to read what others have written. Wedding ceremony scripts are generally not that long so this won't take much of your time. Take the time to read a few.

After reading a few wedding ceremony scripts you will have a better understanding of their conventions and the format. Writing a wedding ceremony script is not like writing a murder-mystery. Wedding ceremonies follow a straight-forward format. Once you have internalized the wedding ceremony format, the task ahead will seem much less daunting.

Bonus Exercise: Carve out the time to read some wedding ceremonies out loud. Find a private place to do this if you feel self-conscious. The purpose of this exercise is to get a feel of what a wedding ceremony script sounds like when read aloud.

Writing for speech is substantially different than writing for reading. Wedding ceremonies are a genre of speech writing. In doing this exercise you will gain a sense of how some things that read well don't sound so great when you say them out loud, and vice versa. You will be rehearsing your own ceremony script later on, so you may as well start practicing your speaking skills now.

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The links below point to a wide variety of wedding ceremony scripts. We provide both religious and non-religious wedding ceremony scripts to account for everyone's needs.

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